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Montana Passes SB 419: TikTok Ban on Personal Devices – How Will It Affect Users?

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SB 419 is concerning all in Montana as approval of it can make TikTok get banned on personal devices of all. TikTok has long been on the radar of the government making them concerned about security threats. But what’s the SB 419 which once approved can affect every TikTok user of Montana?

Read ahead to know more about SB 419’s approval to ban TikTok on the personal devices of Montana people.

US government and its issue with TikTok

TikTok has billions of users across the world that love the app and many earn through it as well. However, despite its popularity among all the platform has always been on the radar of governments of different countries.

Especially US government has been concerned about its citizens using TikTok. The government has been arguing for a long that the app has a Chinese origin and as such it imposes security threats to the countries. The claims of government on TikTok says the app has been sharing US data with the Chinese government which cannot be neglected.

Montana becomes the first US state to pass TikTok ban legislation on personal devices

After the US government showed their concern about the usage of TikTok by people with a security threat to the country. Montana has become the first US state to take a step ahead in banning TikTok on personal devices. Although, a lot of states have already put a ban on the use of TikTok on government devices and premises.


Now, Montana takes a step forward. Legislation has been passed for Montana to ban TikTok on personal devices. This must be concerning a lot of people in Montana as there are numerous users of TikTok in the state that would be affected by this decision. However, that’s to happen only when Governor Greg Gianforte approves SB 419.

What’s SB 419?

SB 419 is also known as Senator Bill 419. The bill actually is legislation to put a ban on TikTok in Montana. But what will happen after this bill is approved by the governor is that it will penalize the internet providers or the mobile app stores for having access to TikTok.

The violation of this may cost up to a penalty of $10,000. While additionally an amount of $10, 000 would be charged each day for the continuation of the violation. Though it won’t be penalizing the users for accessing the app. Not to miss, Montana hasn’t yet banned the app on personal devices. Only the approval of the Governor can make the ban effective from next year January.


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