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Meet Tim Stark, The Tiger King Season 2 Star & More About His Legal Issues

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tiger king 2 tim stark

On November 17 the season 2 of Tiger King was released on Netflix. And so Tim Stark the cast member has been the hot topic of discussion among fans.

The second season of the series has Joe Exoctic continue his efforts to try to appeal his prison conviction. However the storyline of the other controversial personality, Tim Stark is also very interesting. It is being loved by many viewers of the show.

After watching the second season’s initial episodes fans had so many things to say. Tim was obviously the center of these discussions.

Who is Tim Stark?

Tim is an animal breeder and also a zoo owner. He also owned a non-profit organization. The organization is called Wildlife In Need in Charlestown, Indiana. He also tried to open a zoo along with Tiger King’s famous cast member and businessman Jeff Lowe. Unfortunately, he was not allowed to do so.
His battle with the court in Indiana came to an end in April 2021. A judge has strictly banned Tim from exhibiting or owning any exotic or native animal.
The court also ordered that he would have to return all the funds which he had misappropriated from his business and use the funds personally.

tiger king 2 tim stark

Just like Joe Exotic Tim also has a long history of allegations against him.

A USDA administrative judge declared that he has willfully violated the Animal Welfare Act more than 120 times in February 2020. The judge also canceled his non-profit Wildlife in Needs federal license among other allegations.

Where Is Tim Now?

Tim is still involved in some more legal trouble. Due to this, he has lost his property, animals, and his firearms. Fans can anticipate watching him battle his legal problems in season 2 of Tiger King.

The relocation of more than 200 animals of Tim happened in September 2020. As mentioned by The New York Times, a Netflix production team was filming the sad process of the relocation of his animals.

In between the process, a lot of animals went missing. This led to an arrest warrant being issued against Tim.
IN April 2021 Tim posted a 2 hour long live stream on Facebook. He said that he couldn’t think straight mentally anymore. He was later taken into custody and was given psychiatric treatment.

The New Seasons Cast

The second season of Tiger king episodes features most of season 1’s cast. The new cast includes Jeff Lowe, Tim Stark, Allen Glover, and obviously Joe Exotic.

Allen Glover worked at the Zoo. He too has a history of legal trouble like the other cast members. James was the jet ski man. He was a friend of Joe Exotic but later he became an FBI informant. He did this in order to make sure of Joe’s conviction later on.


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