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Controversies Around ‘Maury’ Talk Show: Is It Staged? Lil Nas X and Yai Ariza Relationship

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People have started to wonder if Maury is staged. This has been bought up as the latest episode blurred the line between fantasy and reality.

On the show, Lil Nas X and his Ex-boyfriend “Yai Ariza” and his wife took drama from Lil Nas’s famous song ‘That’s what I want to’ the talk show. Unfortunately, we could not get enough from the show.
The last episode had many fascinating factors. These included cheating accusations, paternity tests, and also a small striptease.

But above all the question arises how real was all this?

Is The Talk Show Staged?

Lil Nas X’s extreme dramatic behavior on the latest episode of the show ‘Maury’ is making everyone think if the show is real or fake. However, the question has haunted the people watching the show for a long time.

When the same question was asked if the stories and guests in the show were real to the host of the show Maury Povich he stood by his show confidently.

He also announced in PEOPLE in 2017 that obviously the show was not springer. He said that he and Jerry had known each other for a long time. He said that he loved Jerry’s honesty. Jerry says that Maury is wrestling. Maury disagreed and said that his show was not wrestling.
Maury told that his show is real. And the people, they chek them out. They operate like a newsroom. He added by saying that they have 7 production teams and they beforehand check and verify the stories back in their hometown. They talk to their friends and family member. He further said that this was all real stuff.

Was The Episode Of Lil Nas X And His Ex-boyfriend “Yai Ariza” Real?

Although the host had said that neither his show nor his guests were fake. But that seemed to go a little off with the latest episode of Lil Nas X.
At the end of the episode, the viewers were given a disclaimer card. The card said that the Montero segment was a collaboration between Lil Nas X and the show only for ‘entertainment purposes only.’
Further, it also said that the storyline of the show was loosely based on the song video ‘that’s what I want by Lil Nas X.


Twitter blows up with reactions to the rapper’s appearance on the show.
The show has given the viewers quite a lot to talk about the guest Lil Nas X.
Fans are openly discussing the full drama that was on the show. This is up-blowing Twitter.
One of the Twitter users wrote that everything on the Maury show requires a heavy dose of disbelief to process the show. Secondly, he wrote that Lil Nas X was a huge marketing genius.

Another user said that the episode of Lil Nas X and Maury’s collab was the funniest thing he had seen in a while.
One user also tweeted that this is the type of content we deserve.


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