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Meet Lucy Smith As James Bay Married To His Childhood Love

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Lucy Smith



James Bay and Lucy Smith, who welcomed their girl Ada Violet in October 2021, have as of late got married. While making the announcement, James Bay shared a couple of pictures from the wedding.

The first was a highly contrasting picture where James Bay and Lucy Smith walk together while confetti tumbles from the sky and Lucy Smith is by all accounts shouting in delight. The couple took a gander at one another in the second picture with a foundation of low summer sun close by a couple of trees.

James Bay began his profession by releasing an EP, The Dark of the Morning, in July 2013 followed by his second EP, Titled Let It Go, in May 2014. That latter topped the iTunes album chart and the UK charts.

James Bay released his first ever studio album called Chaos and the Calm, in December 2014 and his song titled Hold Back the River, was reportedly trending in the UK charts. He then released his fourth EP, called Other Sides, in January 2015 and recorded the covers for Hey Bulldog and King’s Highway.


Who Is Lucy Smith?

Lucy Smith’s personal life stays obscure. The main thing that has been uncovered about Lucy Smith so far is that she is a music promoter in London. Lucy Smith earned respect as the long-term love of James Bay and they have been seeing each other since time James Bay was 17 years old.

James Bay expressed that Lucy Smith urged him to seek after a lifelong in music and is the coolest individual on the planet. They were dear companions prior to being romantically linked.

James Bay likewise expressed that Back in the day, we would be participating in a Wednesday late evening staring at the TV, and she would agree, ‘Hold tight, to be a major artist one day, unquestionably you ought to be out in some bar or club playing a few tunes at this moment. She ingrained that in me, and I got out and did it. I wouldn’t be here without her.

Back in May 2022, James Bay delivered his song called One Life, which explained journey of him and Lucy Smith falling head over heels and bringing up their kid together. James Bay said that he and Lucy Smith experienced childhood in similar old neighborhood and keeping their relationship hidden has been vital for them. He referenced that One Life is a celebration of their journey up until this point.


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