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Matthew McConaughey is in Texas campaigning for that state’s race for Governor

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Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey is continuing to entertain rumors of a future run for the office. The actor has not yet announced any official plans to enter the race, but it sure sounds like he may be warming up to the idea after the weekend comments. The Oscar-winning actor said he was “very happy” in his job as an actor and was not, despite widespread journalistic speculation, planning on running for governor of his home state of Texas.

“The last thing I want to do is go in and make some rash promises, or put Band-Aids on problems that we’re not gonna be able to solve, but are gonna hurt us in the long run.” Said the actor in the press. McConaughey has been quiet politically until now and is known not to take sides on most issues. But his liberal leanings remain in evidence.


It’s easy to criticize either party, but McConaughey isn’t looking for a short-term fix. There’s more to the broken political system than simply one group being in power. He wants to take on all the problems with each party and has ideas about how to solve them. In 2018, the actor called for more open d iscussions on gun control. He stated that gun control is an “epidemic” in the United States and called for unity between supporters of both sides of the issue to talk about a solution.


“It’s a question of not losing sight of ‘Who are you?’ and believing in your values enough and being confident enough in what those values are to listen to someone who might not agree with them,” Matthew McConaughey told Fast Company. He added that no matter what the situation is, he will always remain true to himself and will promote peace and harmony.

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