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Lizzo and Sarah Paulson’ TikTok Video Goes Viral: Are They The New Besties of Tinseltown?

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Lizzo and Sarah Paulson

Lizzo and Sarah Paulson came together for the TikTok video. After the video became popular among fans, they started shipping them as the new besties of Tinseltown.   

The two celebrities lip-synced the most famous line of American Horror Story, Season 2. This trend became famous among fans, and they could not come out of it.   

Lizzo and Sarah Paulson’s trending TikTok video  

In the latest post, Lizzo shared a reel with Sarah in which these two were lip-syncing the lines, “Help, He is escaping, the killer is escaping! “.   

Both celebrities posted this video with different expressions. The videos have already gained 9.9 million and 12 million views, respectively.   

The singer asked the fans in her post to tell which reel they liked the most. Captioned, “This one? Or this one?” Fans are already happy by the newly formed friendship and bonding between them.   

Lizzo and Sarah Paulson

After this video, fans started shipping them as besties. They cannot get over the bonding they are sharing right now. Fans are already loving this and want more of it.  


Some fans are saying, “We need more reels like. “  

Others are saying, “The best thing I am seeing on the internet today.”  

On Monday afternoon, these celebs shared videos, and they are already trending on TikTok.   

Who are Lizzo and Sarah Paulson?  

Lizzo is an American singer born in April 1988. Lizzo is not only a vocalist but also a rapper, songwriter, and flutist. She was born in Michigan and moved to Texas. She started performing before she moved to Minneapolis, where she began her hip-hop career.  

Lizzo was at its peak when she released her third album, Cuz I love you. This music video became viral and moved to different countries as well. She peeked inside with Top 5 in Billboard 200. Aside from singing and rapping, Lizzo also worked as an actor. She was a voice performer in the animated film, received three Grammy Awards and a Billboard Music Awards. She receives many awards for her extraordinary performance.   

Another person who is in the news with Lizzo is Sarah Paulson. Sarah Paulson is a famous American Actress. She was born on December 17, 1974.


Paulson is a recipient of Emmy awards and the Golden Globe Awards. She has received many awards and is the most famous actress. Time magazine named Sarah as the most influential artist in the world.   

She was born in Florida and raised in New York City after her parents’ divorce. Sarah started her career at a very young age when she was in high school, and after that, she appeared in short films. In 2011, Sarah Paulson starred in American Horror Story.   

American Horror Story has been in trend recently after these two celebs came together for a TikTok video. This video became popular all over the internet.


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