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Beautiful Disaster Criticised by Fans for Jamie McGuire’s Controversial Past

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Beautiful Disaster (Jamie Mcguire)

Roger Kumble is now working on his upcoming film, Beautiful Disaster, which is inspired by Jamie McGuire’s novel of the same title. It hasn’t gone over well with Twitter users.

Many people came to Twitter shortly after the news of the film starring Dylan Sprouse and Virginia Gardner was announced, raising worries about the author’s behavior and criticizing the concept of making a film based on her writings.

Here’s all you need to know about Jamie’s problematic past if you’re thinking why she’s gotten so much flak.

Who is Jamie Mcguire?

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jamie McGuire took birth and was brought up in Blackwell, Oklahoma.
She did her graduation from Blackwell High School in 1997. She pursued her studies at Northern Oklahoma College. Furthermore, she is famous for her novel named Beautiful Disaster. She writes in the new adult genre.

What Jamie Mcguire said?

Jamie is well-known for her best-selling novels, but she is also well-known for sharing her views on sensitive matters on social media, for which she has got criticism.

Users on Twitter are posting screenshots of Jamie’s earlier social media posts, wherein she labeled herself as a “White” and added the hashtag “#sorrynotsorry.”

And, in another post, she had allegedly written, “The KKK is a violent, racist, extremist, domestic terrorist organization. ANTIFA is a violent, racist, extremist domestic terrorist organization. BLM is a violent, racist extremist domestic terrorist organization.”

Another screenshot of an alleged remark questioning Jamie’s “overweight” person’s ability to dance has been circulated on Twitter.

Twitter attacks Beautiful Disaster

In the producers and actresses, many Twitter users have shown their disappointment. Those, who appeared in the adaptation of the ‘problematic’ novel of author Beautiful Disaster.

Beautiful Disaster cast

One tweeted, “#JamieMcGuire’s book being made into a movie after all the horrible things she has said & taken little to no accountability. There it is again…that funny feeling.”

Beautiful Disaster Author’s bio

Jamie’s base is in New York, she is an author. She is famous for the genre of New Adult.
She’s written a number of books, including Providence, Requiem, Eden, and Beautiful Disaster.

Jamie was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. However, according to her official site, she was the first “independent writer in history to secure a print deal with retail giant Wal-Mart.”

For Red Hill, she won the 2014 UtopYA Best Dystopian Book of the Year. Also for Beautiful Burn, she won the 2016 iBooks Romance Novel of the Year.


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