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Lil Huddy, Social Media Star’s TikTok Video Dressed as A Joker Goes Viral

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Lil Huddy tiktok as joker

Lil Huddy recently showed off his Halloween dress on TikTok. The social media star, Lil Huddy, dressed up as Joker.  Various celebrities, including Kourtney Kardashian to Joey King, are already celebrating Halloween’s end in 2021. The newest celeb to show off his spooky look was Lil Huddy.   

Lil Huddy as a Joker  

Lil Huddy recently posted two videos as a joker.   

Everyone believed that he could be a convincing joker. Huddy was looking similar to that of the Joker’s cartoon model. The model was quite similar to Heath Ledger, who wore identical cloth in Batman.  

In the latest clip, Huddy lip-synched dialogues between Joker and Harley Quinn but Jared Leto’s voice.  

Although everything from makeup to the dress was on board, still, there was lip-synching and acting, which was spooky. It seemed something was frightening and missing.

Lil Huddy as Joker

What was missing in Lil Huddy’s TikTok video?  

The camera angles in the TikTok video were wildly off, and there was no acting at all. The joker character is in itself eccentric and complete. The crucial part was acting which he was not able to do that. He mainly focused on looking eccentric but not as a role.  


The dialogues were in itself quite impressive. However, as soon as the excellent dialogue came, Huddy went off the camera. He was also unaware of the coming dialogue. Thus, dialogue delivery was not good.   

The dialogue delivery and the performance were not up to the mark. Although DC fandom already knows that TikTokers are not professionals, they believed that he could have done better lip-synching.   


Some fans said, “I belong to the DC fandom. I do not know why he delivered this kind of act. If he is not professional, then he should not do it.”  

Others added, “I hate if anyone tries to spoil this movie. If you want to dress up like that, then it is good. Do not try to think that we will support you.”  

About Lil Huddy  

Lil Huddy is an American social media celebrity, singer, and actor. He was born on 15th May 2002. He began his career at TikTok. Huddy co-founded the TikTok collective known as The Hype House. He also has a YouTube channel.  

According to Billboard, he is one of the most influential people on the social media platform. He has over 30 million followers. Lil Huddy was born in Stockholm, California. He belonged to a low-income family, but he gained an interest in fashion. His inclination towards fashion caused him to reach heights. He started his career in his teenagers. Due to his rough childhood, he was constantly bullied by other students. This incident made him shift his schooling to online education.   

In 2020, he was cited by the Paper as the most crucial figure in Pop Punk Band.


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