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Latto Fires Back at Ice Spice in New Single ‘Sunday Service’ Amidst Beef

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Latto and Ice Spice

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Latto is hitting back at rapper Ice Spice in her song “Sunday Service.” Feuds between artists are common in the industry, and there’s an ongoing beef between Ice Spice and Latto as well. Now, it’s Latto who is taking a dig at Ice Spice in her recent single. Here’s everything you need to know.

Read on to learn more about Latto hitting back at Ice Spice in her recent single, ‘Sunday Service’.

Ongoing beef between Latto and Ice Spice

Latto initially had a spat with Nicki Minaj on social media a few years back. However, now it seems like Ice Spice is also on Latto’s radar. After Nicki Minaj collaborated with Spice on songs like ‘Princess Diana’ and ‘Barbie World,’ the beef between Ice and Latto has escalated as well.

Spice, in fact, seemingly took a dig at Latto in her latest single. Following this, Latto has now been hitting back at Spice with her new single, “Sunday Service.” Fans believe the single is a response to Spice in the wake of their feud.

Latto’s single hits back at Ice Spice

Rappers usually take digs at their rivals through their music, and Latto has also chosen to do so. Her recently released single, “Sunday Service,” takes aim at Ice Spice. Earlier, it was Ice who seemingly confirmed taking a dig at Latto in her single, “Thank U The S**T.”

In Latto’s single, “Sunday Service,” one of the lines reads, “Do you rap or do you tweet?/’ Cause I can’t tell, get in the booth, b####.” Many interpreted this as being in the context of her feud with Nicki Minaj. Additionally, the single’s artwork also shows a female rapper with blacked-out eyes. The rappers in the backdrop appear to be Ice Spice, Megan Thee Stallion, Coi Leray, and even Nicki Minaj.


More about Latto’s single, Sunday Service

Appearing on the podcast of Gille and Wallo, Latto opened up about her single, “Sunday Service.” She said, “It’s really just like female rap from there to now. We the topic of the conversation, we the whole movement right now so it’s really like a homage to female rap from then to now”.

She even acknowledged her rivals, saying, “Even the b**** I’m beefing with, we all doing our thing”. On being asked if that’s “beef or broccoli”, Latto said, “It’s whatever you want it to be.” The song has certainly gone viral since its release.


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