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Kai Cenat Shocks Fans with Nike Partnership Announcement

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Kai Cenat



Streamer Kai Cenat shares another achievement with fans as he announces his partnership with Nike. Recently, during a live stream, Kai came on to share all his achievements so far with everyone, including his latest partnership. Here’s everything you need to know.

Read on to learn more about streamer Kai Cenat announcing his partnership with the Nike brand.

Kai Cenat announces his partnership with Nike

While Kai Cenat frequently hosts livestreams on his channels, his recent Twitch livestream on February 9th was indeed special for everyone, including Kai himself. During the stream, Kai talked about all he has achieved in his life so far.

Kai announced his partnership with the Nike brand during the livestream. He said, “I would like to announce that… we… are… we are officially a part of the Nike family.” His announcement about the partnership quickly went viral on his stream, with fans reacting enthusiastically to the big news.


More about the Nike partnership of Kai Cenat

In his two-hour and 31-minute stream on February 9th, Kai shed light on his years-long streaming journey. He shared his achievements so far, as well as the things he still wants to accomplish.

Kai said “I’m scared. F**k. Chat, for three years of grinding, bro, okay? We have locked in. There are so many things that we have accomplished, and there are still many things that i have wanted, chat. There are so many things, that i have wanted bro. And, things that I’ve dreamed of having. Like, the things that i have dreamed of having. Okay? I would like to announce- i don’t know if anyone has done this yet.”

Fans of Kai Cenat react to his partnership with Nike

After Kai announced his partnership with Nike, his fans couldn’t help but feel happy for him. They have always supported him through thick and thin. This time too, his fans took to social media to congratulate him on his new deal with the big brand, Nike.


One of the users on social media wrote, “Kai is about to make a f*****g bag this year, bro. W Kai”. Another one added, “imagine he makes his own sneakers”.

Not to miss, Kai about his upcoming IRL stream said, “This weekend, we are doing something big with Nike. I told you, I’m doing an IRL stream in Vegas. And, we are officially going to be doing something huge with Nike, bro”.


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