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Kylie Sonique Love, The All Stars 6′ Winner is “taking back this country” for trans rights

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Kylie Sonique Love

The highly excited Kylie Sonique Love Sonique is on the floor as she wins Drag Race All Stars 6. Her happiness can not be explained in words but her gestures proved it. She rolled at everyone’s feet in glee and her white dress got dirty. Her make-up got a little messy as her fellow finalist Eureka hugged her.

But, as we have already experienced, Kylie is a super confident girl and these secondary things don’t make her feel insecure. We saw how gracefully Kylie recovered when she tumbled during her lip sync. The way she fights and takes a stand for the rights of trans people is incredible.

Kylie’s stand for trans people

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kylie said, “It’s a new story for a trans person. There has been a lot of tragedy for trans people.” She is well aware of the harsh bills introduced in America against trans people and thus, she has come forward to make their voices heard by the authorities. She even wants that being a trans-winner will encourage many people. She has become an idol for everybody to fight for their rights.


Kylie Sonique Love also appeared in Drag Race Season 2 where she got the 9th position. Now she has won this considerable show with 1st position making hers “a success story”. It’s a very big achievement for a person like her who belongs to the trans community. Now, she will be the inspiration for millions of people out there.

AS6 further said how difficult it was for her to wear the American flag. She said that in such a big country where everyone is supposed to be treated equally with full freedom but the reality is far away. Kylie Sonique Love showed her concern for the orthodox attitude of people as well as the government. Adding to this, Kylie said, “I’m going to shine and be just as great in it as you think you are.”

With this, what she said next left everyone in goosebumps! Kylie Sonique Love said, “It’s taking back this country and making it stand for something that we can be proud of.”

Kylie Sonique Love

Kylie’s Final Lip-sync Moment

Kylie’s winning moment was adorable. She got eliminated in Season 2 when she was performing lip-sync on Lady Gaga’s song in Snatch Game. Now, when she won the trophy defeating the other contestants that too on Lady Gaga‘s song is so magical. She almost strumbled during her final lip-sync moment but the way she carried herself was delightful. When Kylie Sonique Love was asked about this she said, “I thought, when that happened, that I was done. I felt it happening and my whole life went into slow motion.”

However, she has won everyone’s hearts and got thousands of millions of fans now. She has been an inspiration for her devotion, enthusiasm, and hard work. Her personality is being loved by everyone and we hope all her dreams come true and she gets success in her campaign for trans rights.

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