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KSI Calls Out Andrew Tate for Racial Slurs in Recent X Post

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KSi Andrew Tate

Popular British YouTuber turned boxer Olajide “KSI” has publicly criticized controversial internet personality Andrew Tate. The clash between the two figures erupted on X (formerly Twitter) after Tate used racial slurs in a recent post. KSI responded by claiming that Andrew had “fully lost it.”

Andrew Tate, known for his contentious and often provocative remarks, sparked outrage with his post that denigrated people of African, South Asian, and Chinese descent. His post read:

“Verified Niers only. Too many Pis talking st. And chks.”

KSI was quick to call him out, tweeting:

“Bro what are you doing man? You’ve fully lost it these past few weeks.”

The exchange has garnered significant attention on social media, with both KSI and Tate boasting millions of followers on X. The incident has polarized their supporters, with many criticizing Tate despite his mixed ethnicity. One user, Delvaux X, noted:

“It’s true but apparently he’s ‘half black’ doesn’t make it right at all.”

Others suggested that Andrew Tate was merely seeking attention:

“Tate is just farming because he’s irrelevant now,” said another social media user.


Some users praised KSI for his response, calling it mature:

“Mature response tbh,” wrote another.

Andrew Tate’s Ethnic Background and Controversial History

Andrew Tate, born to an African American father and a white British mother, has often been at the center of controversy. His late father, Emory Tate, was an international chess master, and his mother, Eileen Tate, previously worked as a catering assistant. Andrew and his brother Tristan were raised in the United States but later moved to the UK.

Despite his mixed heritage, Tate’s use of racial slurs has been widely condemned. His online persona, marked by orthodox and often misogynistic rhetoric, has drawn significant criticism. He currently resides in Romania and has been under investigation for human trafficking and sexual crimes, which has put him on a no-fly list.


Previous Clashes Between KSI and Andrew Tate

This is not the first time KSI and Andrew Tate have clashed online. In 2022, the Sidemen member expressed his readiness to take on Tate in a boxing match, leading to considerable back-and-forth on social media. The ongoing feud between the two has only intensified with this latest incident.

Andrew Tate first gained notoriety when he was removed from the UK television program Big Brother due to controversial behavior. More recently, his inflammatory remarks on various podcast appearances have kept him in the headlines. Despite his polarizing views and the backlash they often generate, Tate continues to maintain a significant following online.

In conclusion, the recent clash between KSI and Andrew Tate underscores the ongoing tension between the two personalities. KSI’s public condemnation of Tate’s racial slurs has been widely supported, while Tate’s provocative behavior continues to draw criticism from various quarters. The incident serves as a reminder of the impact and responsibility that comes with having a large social media following.


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