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DDG Discusses Supporting Halle Bailey Through Her Postpartum Struggles

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DDG and Halle Bailey

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Rapper and YouTuber DDG recently shared his experience of supporting his partner, actress Halle Bailey, through her postpartum journey. During a candid conversation on the latest episode of #ForTheFellas, DDG, along with Nick Cannon and Lance Gross, discussed black fatherhood and the significant changes it has brought to their lives. Reflecting on his role, DDG emphasized the importance of patience, particularly during moments of disagreement or conflict. “Just being patient, man, just keeping that in mind when you’re going through something with her… I try my best to be as patient as possible,” he stated.

Halle Bailey, known for her role in ‘The Little Mermaid,’ has been open about her struggles with severe postpartum depression. In a heartfelt Snapchat video, she revealed the intensity of her experience, stating, “I have severe, severe postpartum [depression], and I don’t know if any new moms can relate, but it’s to the point where it’s really bad, and it’s hard for me to be separated from my baby for more than 30 minutes at a time before I start to kind of freak out.” Despite these challenges, she expressed profound admiration for DDG, praising his exceptional parenting skills and unwavering support, calling him “the most amazing daddy in the world.”


Bailey further discussed her difficulty in recognizing herself post-pregnancy, saying, “The only thing that’s been hard for me is feeling normal in my own body. I feel like a completely different person when I look in the mirror. I just feel like I’m in a whole new body, and I don’t know who I am.” She admitted that before her own experience, she hadn’t fully grasped the severity of postpartum depression. Describing the overwhelming sensation, she likened it to “swimming in this ocean that’s like the biggest waves you’ve ever felt, and you’re trying not to drown.”

The actress clarified that her struggles were not related to her baby but to her own identity and well-being. “It has nothing to do with my baby. It has everything to do with me and who I am right now,” she explained. On a particularly challenging day, Bailey felt triggered by negative comments on social media, underscoring the detrimental impact of online criticism. “Social media is just not a good thing to be on when you have postpartum… I was just really triggered today, especially by seeing some of the things that have been said about me and my family, and the one that I love and the ones that I love.”


Bailey also addressed the importance of empathy, reminding others that even celebrities can struggle deeply. “Even though you may look up to certain people and you think that they are celebrities, and they appear to have it all together, you never know what somebody else is going through, especially someone who just had a baby — literally.”

DDG’s revelations about his role in supporting Halle Bailey through her postpartum journey shed light on the significant impact of patience, understanding, and unwavering support in navigating such a challenging period. Their story resonates with many new parents facing similar struggles, emphasizing the importance of compassion and solidarity in overcoming postpartum depression.


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