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Kortney Wilson’s Boyfriend: Affair, Married, and Net Worth

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Kortney Wilson

Does Kortney Wilson have a boyfriend? Let’s check out together.

But first who Kortney Wilson is?

She is a multi-talented personality which we call in India ‘Sarva-Guna Sampanna’. A singer, an actress, a real state professional, a television presenter, and what not; she has excelled in almost all the fields. She has won several awards and is very popular with her ‘HGTV’ hits. Kortney Wilson has started her career in 1998 with Reva McEntire. Then she released some music albums out of which ‘Unbroken by You’ reached the Top 50 list that year.

To find out her current relationship status, let’s first talk about her past life. She was married to Dave Wilson, her longtime boyfriend. They first met each other in 2000 and came into the relationship in around 2001.


Since then, they were together for about 18 years and also have three children. After the birth of her second child- Sully Wilson, she adopted the third one and named her Lennox. Their first child is Jett Wilson who is 15 years old to date.

Kortney Wilson

But due to some reasons, they both announced that they are parting their ways in 2019. Kortney and Dave shifted their careers to renovating and flipping houses in Nashville. When in 2006, they renovated the home and sold it for profit then they decided to make it a professional business.

However, we will get to see both of them together on several occasions as also HGTV has offered the couple another show. Their shows have been a great hit like ‘Making it home with Kortney and Dave’ and ‘Big Brother Canada Season 2’.


If anyone wants some ideas for their home décor, then her Instagram and other handles must be visited. Her show ‘The Master of Flip’ is explicitly popular among the audience. Currently, she is single and has not made any announcements in this regard. Also from her Instagram and Twitter handles, it can be inferred.

So, it is said that nowadays she is single. However, Kortney and Dave still share a very pleasant bond.

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