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Who is Mr. Sexy Zoom Man? Check Every Detail Here

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Sexy Zoom Man

Who doesn’t want to know what’s going on in their favorite celebrity’s life? Tickety-boo, you are at the right place because today we are going to find out who is the mysterious online lover of Alexandra Cooper.

26 years old @alexandracooper is the founder of the famous podcast- Call_her_daddy where she tells her audience everything about her life. However, to retain her privacy, she doesn’t tell the names of characters in her life and thus, gives them imaginary names of which Mr. Sexy Zoom Man is something the people are most curious about right now.

Cooper provides completely original and explicit- verbal content and keeps her audience updated about her relationship status. She has introduced four mysterious lovers whose names can be found in her merchandise ranges offered by Call Her Daddy which is managed by Barstool Sports.

Is it Matthew Kaplan?

Well, it is divulged to be Mathew Kaplan as most of the traits told by Cooper match with his profile. Kaplan is an American producer and CEO of Ace Entertainment and Cooper described her boyfriend as a businessman. So, from here we can infer.

Most of Kaplan’s projects have become smash hits like ‘To All the Boys’ Franchise and rom-com ‘Perfect Date’. However, Alexandra has not revealed the name by herself and has just left some clues but she has confirmed that she is dating her Mr. Sexy Zoom Man.

So people are just guessing who this lucky man can be.Before this, she was rumored to be dating Noah Syndergaard, the baseball pitcher who made a cameo appearance in ‘The Spoils of War’. They didn’t have a consistent relation and Noah commented that it was over by December 2017.

Cooper gave Noah a weird name as usual- Slim Shady. Some other pseudonyms were Door#3 and The Canadian.

Sexy Zoom Man

As per the reports, Call her Daddy has been one of the most listened to podcasts on Spotify and the second most popular female-created podcast after ‘Crime Junkie’. Originally the show was hosted was Cooper and Sofia Franklyn but the latter left the show in 2017 after having some internal disputes. Since then Cooper has hosted the show solo.

“We are beyond excited to welcome Call Her Daddy,’ one of the most wildly popular podcasts.” Said Dawn Ostroff, Spotify’s Chief Content and Advertising business officer.

Whatsoever, Cooper has become an inspiration for crores of people to express themselves in the way they are comfortable.

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