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Kortney Wilson Moving on With The HGTV Show Without Dave After Their Divorce

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Kortney Wilson and Dave

Are you guys curious to know more about Dave and Kortney Divorce? HGTV super hit show Making it Home with Dave and Kortney and Masters of Flip chased Kortney Wilson and Dave as they rebuilt houses in the Nashville side and went on to sell the houses at the great possible price.

The duo left their home to pursue their passion in Nashville, and after that, they fell in love and got married to each other.

Though, Kortney Wilson and Dave surprised and shocked their lovely fans by announcing their divorce news. Let’s know more about Kortney and Dave Divorce.

Dave and Kortney Wilson Divorce: This is what we know about it

While the couple has always shown their love for each other and is also raising an adorable family, this marital bond came to an end after a long journey of 18 years. The HGTV duo has issued a public statement stating their ultimate decision to separate their paths after an 18-year long marriage period.

Kortney Wilson and Dave

As the Duo declared their divorce, they asked for courtesy and understanding as the family steered through this very private and tough time. The duo further expressed that as a well-connected family they would be spending their vacations together. Kortney and Dave made their kids their topmost priority and always made it obvious that they stay connected as a happy family. From spending the vacations together, the duo has managed great terms following the divorce.

Are Kortney and Dave working together in the midst of the Divorce?

The duo is not together anymore but they kept everything aside and get back to their amazing show, HGTV. Viewers and fans saw a change in the show’s name. It was changed to “Making it Home with Kortney and Dave” from “Masters of Flip.” Soon rumors arose when Dave left the show after its name got changed. Now, only fans and viewers watch Kortney featuring on the show named “Making it Home with Kortney and Kenny.” In this way, HGTV introduces us to the new show host.

So many fans and viewers assumed that after their divorce they couldn’t work together anymore, it’s not true. The duo has been on good terms and spent the vacations together with their kids last year.


Everyone is wondering why Dave left the show? What led him to leave the hit show? Fans will be going to miss the old duo for sure.

Kortney Wilson got her new show host

It looks like popular HGTV show host Kortney Wilson no longer hosting the show with her co-host and husband, Dave Wilson! Kortney Wilson got a new host for her show. And it is Big Brother Canada participant based in Vancouver, Kenny Brain.

Kortney Wilson and Kenny

Though, fans and viewers will definitely gonna miss the old host. It looks like the channel desired for the new host. As the HGTV show is already on board, viewers and fans are thrilled to see what’s going to happen next on the show.


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