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Kortney Wilson and Ryan: Relationship Explored After Cozy Pictures on Instagram

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Kortney Wilson and Ryan

Several reports are coming that Kortney Wilson and Ryan are dating after Kortney shared pictures on Instagram.  

In this article, we will see the past of Kortney Wilson and her present relationship with Ryan.  

Who is Kortney Wilson?  

Kortney Wilson was born on February 8, 1979. She is a Canadian actress, country music singer, real estate professional, designer, and host. Kortney became famous as co-host with her former husband, Dave Wilson. She co-hosted HGTV Canada’s home renovation program.  

She started her musical career in 1994 as a young child. Wilson was performing as Annie with Royal City Musical instrument in Gulph. Kortney’s inclination towards music started after she performed as Annie. Her debut album was not released due to particular circumstances. Kortney released two singles on Lyric Street Records in 2001. These were her first album but could not be released.  

In 2001 Kortney appeared in various television shows. After that, she signed to Open Screen Recordings with Dave Wilson, her former husband. Dave also recorded for Lyric Street, but their recordings got lost. They eventually changed their career path and moved to different areas.   


She was married to Dave Wilson for 18 years and then divorced. Her show as co-host became famous with her former husband. Kortney again posted some pictures with her former husband. So, Fans are interested to know if they are again seeing.   

Is Kortney Wilson and Ryan Dating ?  

Kortney Wilson and her ex-husband, Dave Wilson was adored as a couple. All fans want them back, but the reality is they are not back. They ended their relationship on an excellent note and are in a cordial relationship. Kortney shared a photo with her ex-husband Dave as friends. After various speculations, it has been confirmed that they are not dating. 

Kortney Wilson and Dave

After such speculations, fans started to ship Kenny. Kenny and Kortney are new starring members in the show “Making It Home. “Kenny is a handsome man, and they are sharing good chemistry on the show. However, Kortney did not support this idea and revealed that they were just friends.   


Kortney’s fans did not stop here as they wanted her to have new beginnings. Kortney shared a recent photo on Instagram with “Ryan.” Fans started believing that Ryan had a special bond with Kortney. However, she shared some pics that were good enough to believe. Still, Kortney did not approve this news officially.  

In another Instagram post, she finally introduced her new boyfriend, Ryan, to her fans. Fans started congratulating them as they wanted her new beginning. After scrolling down, it was pretty evident that Kortney is right now head over heels for Ryan.   

In August 2021, she finally shared some intimate pics with Ryan. These pics came amid various speculations, and all fans are happy for her new beginning. 


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