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Kim Petras Cancels Summer Festival Shows Due to Health Issues

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Kim Petras

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Pop sensation Kim Petras has delivered disappointing news to her fans, announcing the cancellation of her summer festival performances due to undisclosed health issues. The “Unholy” singer took to social media on April 24 to share the news, expressing her devastation over the decision and promising to return better than ever.

In her heartfelt message to fans, Kim Petras stated, “My buns, I’m devastated to be writing this but I’m going through some health issues and under medical advice I have had to make the hard decision to not perform at festivals this summer. I love u so much and I’ll make it up to you and be back better than ever very soon.” The announcement left fans both concerned for her well-being and understanding of her need to prioritize her health.

While Kim Petras did not provide specific details about her health condition, her cancellation affects a significant lineup of summer festival appearances. Scheduled performances at festivals such as Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Mighty Hoopla in London, Primavera Porto, and Capitol Hill Block Party in Seattle, US, have been affected by her decision. Additionally, Petras was set to headline LadyLand 2024, the annual Pride festival in Brooklyn, New York.


Petras’s latest EP, “Slut Pop Miami,” released in February, has been praised for its themes of sex-positivity and LGBTQ+ inclusivity. In interviews surrounding the EP’s release, Petras emphasized her commitment to these themes, citing her own experiences and the importance of female support in her life. She has been a vocal advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, denouncing anti-trans and sexist policies and highlighting the ongoing struggles faced by marginalized groups.


In light of Petras’s cancellation, fans have expressed their support and well-wishes for her recovery, acknowledging the importance of prioritizing health above all else. While the absence of her performances may leave a void for festival-goers, the outpouring of love and understanding from fans underscores the strong connection between Petras and her dedicated fanbase.

As Kim Petras takes the necessary time to focus on her health and well-being, fans remain hopeful for her swift return to the stage. In the meantime, her message of resilience and determination serves as a reminder of her unwavering commitment to her artistry and her fans.


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