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Kim Jong Un’s “gaunt, pale looks”; A worrying sign for North Koreans

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Kim Jong

Kim Jong: The North Korean leader has been looking weak in recent months, which has fuelled outside speculation about his weight loss. The state media has quoted a citizen saying the leader does not look healthy which is a worrying sign for all the residents of the country. However, people have come in support of Kim as the country is fighting the economic crisis caused due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

State media quoted a North Korean resident as saying, “I was heartbroken to see a pale and emaciated Kim.” The citizen then went on to say that he hasn’t seen the leader in weeks and it is “terrifying” how weak he looks.”Kim Jong Un has appeared to lose weight since photos of him emerged earlier this year, with some saying he has lost as much as 44 pounds.” Said the press. 


Kim’s health is of increasing concern to outside observers,  given his advancing age and the precarious situations in the country like the covid pandemic. Kim, the dictator of North Korea, has a history of heart problems. He inherited the condition from his father and grandfather. Neither survived through their sixties. This is because they always indulged in heavy drinking and smoking that has affected their health a lot. 

North Korea can overcome its economic difficulties if the military, political and Party establishments show strong unity,” Kim said during a meeting with North Korean political and military officials as reported by the sources. Popular demand for swift changes in the North’s economic policy is increasing,” Kim said. “No one will be able to win people’s hearts by sticking to outdated ideologies.” It seems like Kim has made his intentions clear and is looking forward to a change to make the country’s future bright.


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