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Kanye West Labels Twitch Star Kai Cenat an “Industry Plant” in Viral Rant

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Kai Cenat and Kanye West

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Kanye West Criticizes Twitch Star Kai Cenat, Calls Him an “Industry Plant”

In a recent episode of The Download podcast, Kanye West ignited controversy by criticizing Twitch star Kai Cenat, labeling him an “industry plant” and expressing his displeasure over Cenat mentioning West’s daughter, North West.

The 47-second clip from the podcast quickly went viral, capturing Kanye West’s candid remarks about Kai Cenat. West condemned Cenat’s actions, particularly his reference to North West, and accused him of engaging in negative behavior that aligns with being “on the wrong side of the future.”

Describing Cenat as an “industry plant,” Kanye West expressed disdain for the Twitch star’s comments, implying they were orchestrated to undermine West’s reputation and influence. West emphasized his belief that such behavior epitomizes “influence and mind control,” suggesting a deliberate attempt to manipulate public perception.


Specifically addressing Kai Cenat’s mention of North West during a livestream in March 2024, West expressed frustration over Cenat’s claim that North West regarded him as her favorite streamer. West asserted his discomfort with Cenat invoking his daughter’s name, especially in a context that could be perceived as negative toward West himself.

Kai Cenat’s remarks during the livestream indicated his excitement about being recognized by North West and speculated on West’s awareness of him. However, West’s response underscores his disapproval of Cenat’s actions and his belief that they were motivated by ulterior motives.

In addition to criticizing Cenat’s behavior, Kanye West expressed his displeasure with the broader implications of the situation, including potential damage to his public image and the insensitivity of invoking his daughter’s name in a contentious context.

The incident highlights the complex dynamics between celebrities and social media influencers, as well as the potential consequences of their interactions. As the controversy continues to unfold, it raises questions about accountability, ethics, and the boundaries of public discourse in the digital age.


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