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Kai Cenat Sets the Record Straight: Offset Cheating Rumors Debunked!

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Kai Cenat and Offset

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Rapper Offset recently was on a 24-hour live-stream with Kai Cenat however many believe the former was cheating on Cardi B despite her and Kai denying the rumors. Well, it isn’t the first time Offset has been accused of cheating on Cardi B. However, the rumor about being still alive about Offset is creating a buzz.

Read ahead to know more about Kai Cenat and Cardi B denies Offset cheating on his wife.

Kai Cenat’s live stream with rapper Offset

Kai Cenat is known as a popular YouTuber and streamer. His live-streams are what makes him go viral and it often has guests on it too. Recently he had with him rapper Offset who is the husband of Cardi B too. Both Kai Cenat and Offset were on a 24-hour live stream.

While the 24-hour live-stream went well. Rapper Offset in the middle had even gone for taking sleep. But this seems to have left a wrong impression on many of the viewers of Kai Cenat’s livestream. As they have been thinking Offset was cheating on Cardi B during the livestream.


Rumors about Offset cheating on Cardi B during live-stream

Despite the live stream of Kai Cenat with Offset being a 24-hour one. Offset couldn’t stay up throughout the stream. As in between the rapper had g one to take some sleep and rest as well. But that was perceived in a different way by many of the viewers of the livestream.


In fact, Offset was accused of cheating on his wife Cardi B during live-stream. Some videos put by viewers of Cenat from the livestream tried to draw the attention of all towards the behavior of Offset during the stream.

It showed the rapper having a conversation with someone who wasn’t seen on camera. Post which he went upstairs for about more than half an hour. This made many believe that the rapper was cheating on Cardi B.

Kai Cenat and Offset deny cheating rumours of Offset

Although it isn’t the first time Offset has been accused of cheating on Cardi B. The one that came recently during the livestream with Kai Cenat has made many believe it. However, both Kai Cenat and Cardi B aren’t ready to believe those cheating rumors about the rapper.

Where Kai Cenat denied Offset cheating on Cardi B as his viewers claimed. Cardi B too reacted saying “The fact that they had to watch a 24-hour stream to fake piece things together is EMBARASSING!!! They some do bads”. Meanwhile, Offset is yet to react to the whole thing.


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