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K-pop Star Kris Wu Arrested for suspicion of Sexual Assault

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Kris Wu

Chinese- Canadian Valerian Star Kris Wu is arrested after Rape Allegations. He is a 30 years old Popstar in china and was a former member of the Korean boyband.

According to Beijing Police, Kris Wu has fowled many women and abused them for sex. He used to promise them a successful career and then abandon them after some time.

“Wu X-Fan has repeatedly tricked women into having sex..” said Beijing Chaoyang District Police in their official post. The post crossed 3.33 million likes in just 3 hours. And the hashtags like “#Wu Yifan has been detained” became the no. 1 trending on the Chinese app Weibo.

Allegations on Kris Wu

Du Meizo, a 19-years old College student has come up against Kris Wu. She has alleged that there are at least seven other women whom Kris Wu seduced with promises of jobs and other opportunities.


She said that some were even less than 18 years of age. But they didn’t reveal whether or not they were younger than China’s age of consent i.e. 14 years. The girl has even publicized her accusations on social media and later in an interview with NetEase.

Kris Wu

According to the girl, she thought she was called for a career opportunity. But later, she was forced to drink and was raped. The next morning, she found herself in Wu’s bedroom. Then he promised to take care of her but very soon, he started to ignore her.

Previous Allegations

Prior to this, a teenager accuses Kris Wu of rape but he had denied it. But this time, many women have come up. As a result of which, more than a dozen brands canceled or suspended their contracts with Wu, including French luxury brand Louis Vuitton, German automaker Porsche, French Cosmetics Label Lancome, Chinese instant noodle brand, and Chinese video-streaming giant Tencent Video.


Kris Wu’s Statement

Wu has denied all the allegations. “They were never any ‘minors'”, Wu wrote on Weibo earlier this month. He even said, “if this kind of thing happened, please rest assured that I will go by myself to jail!! I will take legal responsibility for my words above!!”

This issue has sparked China’s #MeeToo movement for which the feminists were fighting for a long time. They stood up for the empowerment of women to speak up about their experiences of sexual assault.

Kris Wu is arrested for rape allegations but no update has been provided by the authorities for now. Leave your views in the comment section below.

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