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JoJo Siwa Faces Criticism for Controversial Pride in the Park Performance

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JoJo Siwa

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JoJo Siwa, once a beloved figure for her young fanbase, is facing significant backlash following her controversial performance at Pride in the Park on June 8 in Los Angeles. The 21-year-old entertainer’s explicit dance moves have sparked outrage, particularly among parents and former fans who were shocked by the display in front of young children.

During her set, JoJo previewed a new song with the lyrics “keep living.” It was during this performance that she made a provocative gesture, placing her hand underneath her bottoms and then sliding it up under her crop top. This act, which was captured and shared widely on social media, drew immediate criticism.

An account on X (formerly Twitter) called out the artist for her actions, suggesting she was intoxicated during the performance. The post quickly went viral, with many netizens expressing their dismay. One user remarked that JoJo “doesn’t have a single song where she should be doing this,” reflecting the general sentiment that her actions were out of line with her musical content.

Another shocked viewer questioned, “Why did her hands go under the clothes?” echoing the confusion and disappointment felt by many. “Like genuinely oh my god,” added another former fan, highlighting the disbelief at JoJo’s behavior.

A significant portion of the backlash centered on the appropriateness of her performance given her audience. JoJo Siwa has long been associated with a younger fanbase, and many parents and fans felt her actions were unsuitable for the children present. One comment captured this sentiment: “Her fans are little kids. She knows that right? Most people who go through that phase distance themselves from the child audience.”

The explicit nature of the performance wasn’t limited to her dance moves. JoJo was also seen drinking from a handle of Tito’s vodka on stage and made a pointed remark at an online critic who called her a “man.” In response, she boasted about having a “bigger dck” and having “fcked more girls” than the commenter, further stirring controversy.

In March, JoJo had hinted at a shift in her public persona, warning her fans that she would be entering a more adult-oriented phase. She posted a message on social media stating, “Warning — the following content is not made for children and may be disturbing or offensive to some viewers.” Despite this forewarning, many were unprepared for the extent of the changes she displayed at Pride in the Park.


While JoJo Siwa has garnered a lot of attention for her bold performance, it appears she may have alienated a significant portion of her fanbase. As of now, she has not publicly addressed the backlash or defended her explicit choreography. The incident has left many wondering how this will impact her career moving forward, particularly with the younger demographic that once made up the core of her fanbase.


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