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Jake Paul and Sean O’Malley Set to Clash in MMA Bout as UFC 303 Faces Uncertainty

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Jake Paul and Sean O’Malley

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Jake Paul has stepped up to accept UFC Bantamweight Champion ‘Suga’ Sean O’Malley’s challenge for an MMA bout, aiming to “save” UFC 303 amidst swirling rumors about the anticipated Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler fight.

Scheduled for June 29, UFC 303 has been mired in uncertainty following the abrupt postponement of a press conference for the pay-per-view event in Dublin. Although the McGregor-Chandler fight has not been officially canceled, reports indicate that UFC is considering alternative options due to the uncertainty surrounding the bout.

Ariel Helwani, a prominent MMA journalist, has stated that the McGregor-Chandler fight is “very much in limbo,” prompting the UFC to either find a new opponent for Chandler or organize a completely new fight. In response to the speculation, Sean O’Malley proposed a showdown with Jake Paul by tweeting, “I’ll fight Jake Paul to save UFC 303.”

Jake Paul, always ready for a new challenge, quickly accepted O’Malley’s proposal. With his previously planned fight against Mike Tyson delayed until November, Paul saw an opportunity to jump into the octagon sooner than expected. He responded on social media, tagging the rival MMA organization PFL, and said, “MMA fight before Tyson.” He also issued a stern warning to O’Malley, asserting his confidence in winning: “100% will kill O’Malley in MMA. He’s a small man. PFL vs UFC June 29th.”

Originally slated to make his MMA debut in 2024, Jake Paul’s plans have been disrupted by the delay in his bout with Tyson. However, his eagerness to fight O’Malley suggests he is ready to expedite his entry into MMA. This proposed fight has not yet been confirmed by UFC, leaving fans in suspense about the final lineup for UFC 303.

As of now, the UFC has not clarified its plans for the event, leaving the MMA community eagerly awaiting updates. The exchange between Jake Paul and Sean O’Malley has sparked considerable interest, although it remains to be seen whether it will materialize into an official fight or if it’s merely pre-fight banter between the two fighters.


UFC 303’s uncertainty has only added to the drama surrounding the event, especially with the highly anticipated McGregor vs. Chandler bout hanging in the balance. Fans are keenly observing every development, eager to see if Conor McGregor will indeed step into the octagon with Michael Chandler, or if the event will see a new headline fight featuring Jake Paul and Sean O’Malley.

As the event date approaches, more information is expected to surface, potentially reshaping the card for one of the most talked-about UFC events in recent memory.


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