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Johnny Depp’s security guard “Travis McGivern” witnessed Amber Heard punch and throw a can of Red Bull at the actor

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Travis McGivern

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Johnny Depp and his ex-wife’s defamation trial going on in Fairfax County, Virginia is getting serious with now the witness Travis McGivern claiming in the court that Amber punched Depp and spat on him as well. Certainly, with Johnny Depp suing Heard over a defamation lawsuit for $50 million. The fourth week of the defamation trial actually is disclosing a lot of shocking facts about the former couple. But what did Travis McGivern say at the court?

Read ahead to know more about Travis McGivern and his shocking revelations about Heard.

Who is Travis McGivern?

With lots of witnesses from Pirates Of The Caribbean actor’s side in the defamation trial. The loop of shocking revelations is just growing bigger. Well, while the trial is continuing this week as well. We had Travis McGivern joining in virtually at Fairfax County. To give evidence on Amber Heard’s behavior with Johnny Depp.

Travis McGivern is the security guard of Johnny. He holds a good experience of 16 years in the field of security. Travis after his education began his career in professional security in the year 2006. He is presently working as a security professional for Premier Group International.

What did Travis McGivern testify in Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit?

It was on Monday this week, that Fairfax County began the trial with Travis McGivern. Travis who served as a security guard for Johnny Depp, testified his encounter with Depp and Heard’s behaviour. Travis who worked for Depp for a year less than a decade made some shocking revelations.

During testifying in the defamation trial, Travis said that the couple had arguments several times. While Amber even punched Johnny on one occasion back in the year 2015. He even said that Depp would text him often during the fights to help him leave from there. Further, he made some more revelations about Amber that was shocking.

Amber Heard called Depp “Deadbeat Dad”

While testifying, Travis even said that during a fight in March of 2015. Amber Heard had an argument with Depp where she called him a “Deadbeat Dad”. Further, he even said that during an argument with Depp after the latter severed his finger. Amber even threw a Red Bull can at Depp that hit the actor’s back.

In fact, while testifying, Travis recalled Heard spitting on Depp. Though, he also said that throughout this argument and fight, Depp never abused Heard physically or throw any objects at her or anybody else. However, he did recall Depp calling it Travis’s fault to let Heard punch Depp. Meanwhile, the court is to present some more witnesses too. As Amber is still awaited to testify.


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