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John Campea Goes Viral As He Shared Spider-Man: No Way Home Spoiler Images

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John Campea

John Campea a famous YouTuber also a film critic and a producer from Canada recently tweeted the images related to the upcoming movie ‘SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME’ then he deleted them.

Netizens going crazy over the John Campea tweets

While Campea justified the whole issue, fans and netizens are going crazy over the tweet by Campea, Many fans are predicting it to be a major spoiler from the movie ‘SPIDERMAN: NO WAY HOME. Fan’s are even making different theories about the upcoming movie

Let’s go through his recent tweets

While Campea deleted his tweets quickly still spiderman fans have managed to capture them and it’s going viral on Twitter.

One of the images which are discussed widely showed Charlie Cox as Lawyer Matt Murdok rumored to be appearing in the upcoming movie hanging out with Happy Hogan, Peter Parker, and Aunt May.


The second image is suggested as one of the biggest spoilers as the three  Spider-Man – Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maguire were seen together.

None of them are spotted in their costumes,

It can’t be confirmed until the next trailer of the movie.

If the tweet that Campea posted were real or fake.

We will confirm it soon if the photographs shared were real or fake stay updated through our website.

Campea’s reason for deleting his tweet’s

The YouTuber again tweeted explaining the reason for deleting his previous tweets and why he shared those images earlier He stated in his first tweet, earlier he thought the images he shared were photoshopped and edited and weren’t real.

As the placement in the first picture was inappropriate and the lighting in the second one wasn’t appropriate


Then on his second tweet, he further explained that someone contacted him saying it might be real, so for the safety purpose he deleted them.

And on the third tweet, he explains how he came to know how his tweet went viral and he is still unable to figure out if it’s actually real or not.


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