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Jin Prioritizes BTS ARMY Post Military Discharge, Shares Album Updates

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BTS’ eldest member, Jin, has recently opened up about his post-military priorities and his much-anticipated new album. In a candid interview with Weverse Magazine, Jin revealed his unwavering commitment to BTS ARMY, detailing how he postponed personal celebrations to reconnect with fans and offering insights into his upcoming musical project.

Prioritizing the BTS ARMY

After completing over 500 days of military service, Jin’s foremost concern was to meet and thank BTS ARMY, the dedicated fanbase that has supported him throughout his career. Jin explained, “When I left the army, I postponed everything so I could meet the fans. I told my family and friends ahead of time, ‘I need to see ARMY, so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t ask about throwing any parties for my discharge until after this week.'”

Despite well-meaning suggestions from loved ones to take a break, Jin made it clear that his fans came first. “People told me, ‘You just got out—you should take a break. Let’s meet up.’ I got out on Wednesday and didn’t make one plan until after Sunday. All that other stuff could wait. Seeing my fans is my top priority—I have to show my gratitude before I do anything else,” he said, underscoring the deep bond he shares with BTS ARMY. This gesture is a testament to his appreciation and recognition of the fans’ unwavering support.


Insights Into His New Album

In addition to reconnecting with fans, Jin is channeling his energy into his new album. Reflecting on his recent performance of “Super Tuna” during his first show post-discharge, he shared, “The song was already ready to go, so I just kept listening to it for the second verse. But you can actually still tell how nervous I was.” Despite his nerves, Jin is determined to deliver new music soon. “I’m hard at work on my new album. Fortunately, the guys all finished making their own albums before enlisting, and now Jimin’s is coming out. That made me think I better not wait too long to release mine after his is out, so I’m working to get it done fast.”

Jin also expressed a desire to engage with fans through variety shows, hinting at more personal appearances and interactions in the future.

A Joyful Reunion

Jin’s discharge from military service on June 12 was an emotional event, marked by tears of joy and a heartfelt reunion with his fellow BTS members—RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook. The group embraced Jin, celebrating his return and the end of his service, which began in December 2022. Jin was the first of the seven BTS members to enlist, setting a precedent for the group’s ongoing military commitments.

Jin’s dedication to BTS ARMY and his swift return to music production underscore his commitment to both his fans and his craft. As he works on his new album, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in his musical journey, knowing that his gratitude and passion continue to drive his artistic endeavors.


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