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Jennifer Aniston Exposes David Letterman’s Inappropriate Behavior: Fans Outraged by Resurfaced Interview

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David Letterman

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Jennifer Aniston’s fans are condemning David Letterman for his ‘inappropriate’ behavior in a resurfaced interview.

Here is everything you need to know.

David Letterman sucks Jennifer Aniston’s hair in resurfaced video

An interview from The David Letterman Show which featured Jennifer Aniston is taking over social media. However, the resurfaced video is making her fans uncomfortable.

Moreover, the clip is from the time when the veteran host sat down to interview Aniston, who appeared on the show back in 1998 to promote her film The Object of My Affection.

In the segment, America’s reigning sweetheart shares an anecdote about meeting fans in her gym’s steam room. 

Nevertheless, Letterman then went on to edge towards her and said, ‘Forgive me if this is rude, I just want to try one thing.’

Aniston can then be heard saying, ‘What are you doing?!’

Meanwhile, the then-51-year-old places a tendril of Anist on’s hair into his mouth and continues to suck on it while slowly pulling away. 


The then-29-year-old actress on the other hand appeared to be playing along and laughed off the moment. However, she could not hide her disgust after Letterman gave her a tissue and she dabbed her hair to get rid of the saliva.

Letterman has previously come under fire after a video of him ambushing Lindsay Lohan with questions about rehab on his show in 2013 circulated online.

The Mean Girls star replied with, ‘we didn’t discuss this in the pre-interview.’

Letterman continued to make jokes about her addiction battle and ignored her repeated protests.

Fans react to David Letterman’s resurfaced video

Fans of Jennifer Aniston took to their social media account to bash David Letterman for the disgusting incident.

A fan wrote, ‘Can’t get over how creepy and disturbing this clip of Jennifer Aniston on Letterman is.’

Furthermore, many users went on to point out that Letterman’s behavior was completely unacceptable, noting that he was 22 years older than Aniston.

One user said, ‘These Letterman clips have been making the rounds online – and they are disturbing, to say the least. How was this even acceptable baffles the mind and conscience.’

Someone else chimed in to say, ‘Misogyny at its finest. I knew a Letterman was a creep (and not very funny) back in the day but I’m ashamed to say I never noticed or commented on this unacceptable behavior.’


A different user commented, ‘That was horrible, she clearly didn’t want it or like it and the audience saw that.’


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