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Calvin Klein’s ‘Woke’ Ad Backfires: Outrage as Netizens Slam ‘Ugly’ Campaign

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Calvin Klein’s “Woke” ad is something netizens have been lately talking about and the reason isn’t a good one. While big brands like Calvin Klein and others keep introducing a new collection of their products every year. It seems the recent collection of Calvin Klein isn’t liked by netizens at all. But why so?

Read ahead to know more about Calvin Klein’s “Woke” ad leaves netizens criticizing it.

Calvin Klein’s “Woke” ad goes viral on social media

Calvin Klein has been one of the top brands in the world. While the brand has introduced so many collections of it every year. Some of the big celebrities have had a collab with the brand. However, the recent Pride collection of Calvin Klein is grabbing the attention of all on the internet.

The latest Pride collection of Calvin Klein had “Woke” ad showing a model wearing a double-layer mesh pink tank top. Right-wing conservatives even reacted to the Woke ad of the brand and have been criticizing the same, comparing it with an old ad of the brand.


Calvin Klein Woke Ad Gets criticised on social media

The recent Pride collection of Calvin Klein is getting sold in European markets. However, not everyone is convinced by the Woke ad of it. Right-wing conservatives have raised their voice in the context of the Woke ad of the brand. Oil London, a British influencer had even tweeted about the same too.

The influencer’s tweet had the Woke ad of Calvin Klein showing a model wearing a pink mesh tank top. Where it was compared with the brand’s 1992 ad having topless model in it. London believed the Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg ad was better than the ad having model wearing the pink mesh tank top.

Netizens outraged about Calvin Klein’s Pride collection

Ever since netizens came across the Pride collection of Calvin Klein. Social media has been abuzz with the reaction on the same from netizens. Netizens are outraged at the new Pride collection of the brand. Many of them had called the collection to be garbage and tasteless.

Some of the netizens even believed the brand must be blacklisted. One user on Twitter wrote, “No modeling agency is representing that person. I bet it’s an employee they pulled from marketing and didn’t have to pay an extra”. Another wrote, “That’s cool how they’re ruining what they’d built for decades. Priceless”.


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