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Jeannie Mai Jenkins Drops Bombshell: Did Jeezy Cheat Amid Legal Battle? Exposes New Allegations

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Jeannie Mai Jenkins

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Jeannie Mai Jenkins has issued a response following ex-husband Jeezy’s request for a court hearing to determine legal and physical custody rights for their daughter. According to newly filed court documents in Fulton County, Georgia, on Thursday, and obtained by PEOPLE on Friday, the 44-year-old former host of The Real asserts that her 46-year-old former spouse was unfaithful during their marriage, adding a layer of complexity to their ongoing legal proceedings. Mai Jenkins, in the court records, states that she believes she is “entitled to a divorce from Husband on the basis that the marriage is irretrievably broken.” However, she expresses a reluctance to delve into specifics at this time, hoping for a private resolution without airing such details publicly. Nonetheless, the implication is clear that infidelity played a role in the dissolution of their marriage.

As per Mai Jenkins, she and the rapper known as “Put On” (birth name Jay Wayne Jenkins) executed a prenuptial agreement on March 26, 2021. She further contends that the court should uphold the terms of the prenup, particularly emphasizing that engaging in sexual relations, establishing an emotional connection, or engaging in emotionally or sexually suggestive communication with a third party through electronic means (including but not limited to texting, sexting, Facetiming, social media, and/or Direct Messages) would result in significant financial penalties for the party involved in the adulterous conduct, as outlined in the aforementioned prenuptial agreement. Responding to these assertions, Jeezy’s representative informed PEOPLE, “Any claim of infidelity on Mr. Jenkins’ part is entirely untrue, and he has not made any further statements at this time.”


Jeannie Mai Jenkins Claims That Her Former Husband Jeezy Infidelity Plans A Part In Their Separation

Jeannie Mai Jenkins has reacted to her ex-husband Jeezy’s recent legal action seeking legal as well as physical custody rights of their daughter. A new complication has been added to the mix as Mai Jenkins, 44, has filed court documents in Fulton County, Georgia, alleging infidelity on the part of her former husband Jeezy, 46. As Mai Jenkins asserts, she is entitled to a divorce from her husband because their marriage has become irretrievably broken and she will not state her specific request herein at this time in hopes that this matter can be resolved without the public disclosure of such conduct. As a result of the possibility of cheating, it is likely that their separation was influenced by it. Mai Jenkins insists that the prenuptial agreement should be enforced as it was signed on March 26, 2021. The prenuptial agreement specifies that if a couple participates in sexual or emotional relationships or engages in any emotionally or sexually suggestive communication with a third party via electronic methods, such as texting, sexting, Facetiming, or social media, substantial financial penalties will be enforced.


Following the denial of the accusations by Jeezy’s representative, there have been no additional statements from them, characterizing any allegations of infidelity as “100% false.” In a separate legal move, the artist behind “Leave You Alone” petitioned a judge to delineate temporary legal and physical custody rights for their daughter, Monocao, in Fulton County, Georgia. Despite an initial agreement between both parents on a visitation schedule until the conclusion of 2023, Jeezy contends that the situation has progressively become less workable. He explains that the parenting time arrangement lacks consistency, continuity, and stability, potentially causing stress for the child. Jeezy asserts that Mai Jenkins is functioning as a gatekeeper, restricting his parenting time with Monocao. In September, the rapper initiated divorce proceedings, marking the end of their two-year marriage. In an October statement, he conveyed that the decision to close this chapter in his life was not made hastily and weighed heavily on his heart. Despite their separation, he expressed enduring love and respect for Jeannie Mai, acknowledging the special place their shared time occupies in his heart.


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