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Jason Derulo is launching women’s volleyball team with Joe Burrow

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Jason Derulo has teamed up with Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow to invest in a brand new pro volleyball team in Nebraska.

Here is everything you need to know.

Jason Derulo believes pro volleyball to be ‘the next big thing’

Jason Derulo recently sat down for an interview with Babcock on the TMZ Sports TV show where he talked about his latest endeavor.

The Trumpets announced that he has joined hands with NFL quarterback Joe Burrow to launch a new Pro Volleyball Federation team in Omaha.

Moreover, he excitedly admitted, ‘I’m excited because volleyball is on a crazy trajectory.’

In addition, he shared that volleyball might come up in a big way in the near future.

He added, ‘It’s on the way up and to be a small part in what these ladies created is pretty incredible to me. I think it’s gonna change sports forever.’


Derulo went on to explain that while basketball is popular for men’s games, volleyball is led by women.

He said, ‘Women’s volleyball is actually leading. It’s not the guys this time that is leading. I’d like for real pro volleyball to be the platform that just changes women’s sports forever.’

If you didn’t know, Derulo also partnered with Omaha native Danny White alongside the 26-year-old Pro Bowler.

Besides that, the 33-year-old singer continued, ‘The trajectory just seems so bright. It’s just been growing year after year after year and if it continues on this path, especially with this platform, I think it can absolutely be the next big thing.’

Derulo also claimed that he wants to own a team that includes the ‘happiest players in the world’ adding that he wants to assure that ‘everybody is living their dream.’

Jason Derulo
Photo: Danny White

More about Jason Derulo’s Omaha volleyball team

According to reports, Jason Derulo’s newly launched women’s volleyball team is slated to celebrate in Omaha in the upcoming weeks.

Moreover, the celebration will be held to officially introduce the city to its first major women’s professional sports team.


Meanwhile, Derulo will launch the team during the Pro Volleyball Federation league’s inaugural 2024 season.

Besides that, the team is planning to play in some of the biggest arenas across the United States of America.

In addition, the Cornhusker state is a fertile home for volleyball. The University of Nebraska volleyball squad led the nation in attendance since 2013. 

Omaha made headlines when they set a record last year for the largest crowd for a regular-season match in NCAA history with a crowd of nearly 16 thousand fans.


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