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Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Third fight: Everything You Need To Know

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Jake Paul

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Jake Paul’s boxing company has recently dropped a hint on a possible Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley fight. As Jake Paul and his boxing ring have been waiting for an opponent to fight the unbeatable boxing star. There have been lots of names that popped up to fight Paul. But do we have the next battle between Tyron and Paul?

Read ahead to know more about Jake Paul’s company hinting at Paul vs Tyron Woodley fight.

Jake Paul looking forward to have a fight

Jake Paul and his fame as a boxer is just something you can’t miss out on. In fact, his unbeatable records often make the boxing fans curious as to who would take a fight with Paul next. Similar is with Paul as well, even though he is looking forward to having a fight in the boxing ring with some strong opposition.

While his recent search for an opponent stopped at the British boxer, Tommy Fury. He was planning to have a fight with Fury in August. However, Fury later said that he wasn’t allowed in the US for the press conference. Which ultimately put their battle on hold.


Jake Paul’s boxing company hints at Tyron Woodley fight

With Jake Paul keenly looking for a strong opponent to have in the boxing ring. We have his company Most Valuable Promotions recently hinting at a potential fight that could happen. No doubt fans of boxing are always ready to watch a fight. Hence this time, we are likely to get one too.

On 4th July as such, Jake Paul’s boxing company via a post on social media commented “Our sense is the fans are clamoring for Paul Vs Woodley III?”. While the comment might have been a joke too. However, fans are believing that we might surely get the duo to fight again in the ring.

Fans reaction to Jake Paul’s possibility with Tyron Woodley

Certainly with the hint of Jake Paul’s boxing company. We have got the boxing fans excited about having Jake Paul and UFC champ Tyron Woodley share the boxing ring. While fans are excited about this likely possible fight between Woodley and Paul. Fans have seen the duo fight before as well.

As once Tyron and Paul fought in August last year. While their second face-off was in December last year. Hence as this fight of the duo finalizes then we would be seeing them for the third time in the boxing ring.


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