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Itzy is a girl group from South Korea. It is formed by JYP entertainment. The members in this group are Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna. The group on 12 February 2019 debut with the launch of their single album, it’s Different. The band achieved success in a very short time. They earned fame, success and earned several awards. Some of them are Rookie of the Year at the 34th Golden Disc Awards and Best New Female Artist at the 2019 Melon Music Awards and the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards.


Crazy In Love – new album

The group is known for its versatile personality. After a long time, the group was notified they’ve come back with their first full-length album. On August 13 at midnight, the five members group released their poster and trailer “ Crazy In Love”. A funky appearing back poster was shared with the title track “LOCO”. And the album will be going to be released on 24 September this year.
Crazy in love will be available at 1 pm (KST) as announced on the official social media account. The crazy funky poster was created with graffiti. Poster having dark background lettering the words on it ITZY, Title, Loco, and the 1st Album.


These words repeated all over it. A colorful and amazing poster excited the fans and they are waiting for it to release. When they released an album of their, fans have found more wonderful songs than ever. Their poster has gone viral and their comeback will be successful as their previous albums.

In collaboration with Galactika

The crazy in love will be the group’s first studio album as they have released 4 mini albums since their debut. ey released in April this year was “Guess who” with the title song Mafia in the morning. It was able to gain a lot of honors and broke a plethora of records.

And now Fans to express their excitement, they have taken the social media and post the stories and comments with “Itzy” trending on Twitter just after the announcement. From the announcement it can be seen that the album’s title track is written, composed, and modified by Galactika, a producer duo recognized for their heavy synth instrumentals.
Since the crazy in love is ITZY’s first-ever finished album since its debut, lovers are anticipating a lot from the fourth generation K-pop girl band. And definitely, ITZY will not dishearten their loved ones. They have fans’ support with them and will also rock this time too.

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