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Coronavirus Reports: What’s happening in Canada and around the globe

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Coronavirus Reports: The world is facing, the deadliest virus that is coronavirus. Millions of people died because of this virus. The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci is coming and alert society. Fauci says he predicts that more children will end up in hospital. Because the new covid-19 virus has its new strain as the delta variant which is more dangerous than the previous strain. as the COVID-19 delta variant takes hold across the U.S. With respect to the adult, on this date children are more likely to infect.


Whereas, Fauci revealed that at least 117 countries around the globe— including Canada — are dealing with the delta variant. And the new delta strain is more transferable than the previous strain of coronavirus.


Impact on Canada

Though it’s still not clear whether the delta variant brings to more serious illness in children, Fauci said. A city in Canada, Quebec doesn’t allow to were masks to the students of primary and secondary classes. Because to create a normal atmosphere in the class and setting for the coming academic year.
Whereas, Ontario facing a delta variant-driven fourth wave of COVID-19.

To keep this in mind the government has circulated the new guidelines and people have to follow that. An important one is that the guidelines are based on vaccination status. And there will be self-isolation and testing if a person is exposed to the virus. Although new guidelines are somewhere complex. But they differentiate the restrictions as vaccinated people will get more lenient isolation than those who are not vaccinated.


Impact on the world

Coronavirus Reports: Till Thursday afternoon, more than 204.9 million cases of COVID-19 had been noted around the globe. Which was recorded by the coronavirus tracker maintained by U.S.-based Johns Hopkins University. And the death toll reported from across the globe is more than 4.3 million.
Whereas In the Asia-Pacific region, a key medical adviser to Japan’s prime minister says because of the Tokyo Olympics, the rising of infections in that area is hugely affecting the medical system. By seeing this the government takes strict decisions to control the virus and reduce people’s activity. Tokyo on Thursday logged 4,989 new cases, and hospital beds are rapidly filling up.
The whole world facing this terrible virus. People are getting depressed by losing their loved ones. Hope so this will end soon and everything could be in a normal way as previous it was.

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