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Island Boys Criminal Records & Personal Life: Did They Get Arrested Previously?

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Island Boys

Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd are the rapper twins that have become viral overnight. Although they have had a difficult past. Which included some criminal charges against them. So did the Island Boys ever get arrested?
They both are 20 years old. Kodiyakredd’s real name is Franky Venegas . Flyysoulja’s birth name is Alex Venegas.
They are famous singers. Their Instagram feed has also recently been known by everyone. Other than all this there is a lot to talk about their past as well as their present.

Island Boys: Arrested?

The Island Boys agreed that they were in jail a few years ago. They talked about this while an interview with No Jumper.
They have faced many difficulties while growing up. They were raised by a single parent, their mother. The rappers admitted that they had been locked up in jail due to various criminal charges against them.
On the show when the host asked that how long they had been in jail, the rappers said 2 years. They also said they went to juvenile ground. Further, it was revealed by them that it was between 2016 to 2017 they were in jail.
The Island boys said that a few reasons for them going to jail were burglary, drugs, robbery, and grand theft auto.


Island Boys Share Their Experience In Lock-up

Though they look very fashioned now and all covered up in tattoos it was not the same back then. They looked very different when they were in jail.
They also told that they frequently got into fights with their jail mates.
They also sarcastically made a joke. They said their jail mates would have spared them if they looked back then like they look now.

For Flyysoulja the trip to prison had helped him. He said that it had given him the inspiration to become a rapper.
Fan Followings of the twins.
The twins have an enormous fan following. This was done all because of their unforgettable song, imprecise lyrics, and their peculiar personality.


The viral song to date divides the listeners. The listeners either hate it or love it. There is no middle ground for the song.
The twins “Island Boys” have made a huge impression on the listeners of the song. Now they just can’t get the song out of their heads. The catchiness of the song is eccentric.
As of now, Kodiyakredd has more than 481000 followers on his Instagram account. Flyysoulia on the other hand has more than 541000 followers.


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