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IShowSpeed and Amy Flamy Spark Buzz After Instagram Unfollow

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IShowSpeed and Amy



The social media sphere is abuzz as fans of Darren “IShowSpeed” and South Korean influencer Amy Flamy react to the news of the two unfollowing each other on Instagram. The pair, who had been publicly dating for several weeks, seemed to be enjoying a budding relationship, with Amy even traveling to London from South Korea to attend the FA Cup Final with Darren.

However, recent developments suggest a potential fallout, as both IShowSpeed and Amy Flamy have removed each other from their Instagram following lists. This change was quickly noticed and widely shared by fans, particularly after an X user, Speedy HQ, posted screenshots that went viral.

For many of IShowSpeed’s followers, the relationship seemed serious. The streamer had openly expressed his feelings for Amy during a live stream, declaring his love and admitting he had caught feelings for her. This public declaration had led many to believe the relationship was genuine, making the news of their apparent split all the more surprising and disappointing.

The reactions from fans have been varied, with some criticizing IShowSpeed’s behavior on stream. Comments such as “Speed is so immature no cap, if you watch that stream yesterday youโ€™ll definitely get mad” and “Speed ainโ€™t mature” reflect the frustration some fans feel. Others are holding onto hope that the situation might be a part of a larger plan, with one fan suggesting, “Hopefully not and it’s all part of the plot but ishowspeed must mature a lot.”


On the other side, supporters of Amy Flamy have expressed sympathy for her, believing she deserves better. Comments like “He messed up so bad” and “Lucky Amy.. she deserves better” illustrate the sentiment that Amy might have been wronged in this situation.

The intense fan interest in their relationship has not been without its issues. Amy Flamy has previously voiced concerns about the parasocial behaviors exhibited by some fans. One observant follower noted, “No wonder, people didn’t even let them breathe their space,” suggesting that the public nature of their relationship might have contributed to the recent fallout.

In the wake of these events, Amy has removed all photos of Darren from her Instagram, adding fuel to the breakup rumors. Despite this, IShowSpeed still has a picture with Amy on his X account and has yet to publicly comment on the matter.


For those who are new to this story, IShowSpeed and Amy Flamy first met while the streamer was IRL streaming in South Korea. A chance encounter in a store led to a coffee date, which blossomed into a series of on-camera outings. Amy even traveled to England to spend time with Darren in May 2024, an emotional farewell at the airport marking a high point in their relationship as Darren confessed his love during a brief stream. Clips from this moment quickly went viral, amassing millions of views.

As the dust settles, fans are left speculating about the future of IShowSpeed and Amy Flamy’s relationship. Whether this is a temporary hiccup or the end of their romance remains to be seen, but the unfolding drama continues to captivate their followers.


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