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Amber Rose Unwavering in Trump Endorsement Despite Conviction in Stormy Daniels Case

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Amber Rose remains steadfast in her endorsement of Donald Trump, even after his recent conviction in the Stormy Daniels hush money case. The model and activist, known for her advocacy for women’s rights and LGBTQIA rights, continues to support the former president and 2024 GOP presidential hopeful despite the controversy surrounding his legal issues.

On May 20, Rose stirred the internet by posting a photo on Instagram with Donald and Melania Trump. The caption read “Trump 2024,” followed by three American flag emojis. This endorsement shocked many, including actress Vivica A. Fox, who expressed her disbelief with a comment saying, “WTF?? #GURLBYE,” accompanied by clown and poop emojis, as well as a waving girl emoji.

Despite the backlash, Rose is unwavering in her support for Trump, even after his conviction on 34 felony counts related to payments made to Stormy Daniels during his 2016 campaign. In a recent encounter with TMZ

on June 7, Rose reiterated her stance, claiming that the conviction might actually bolster Trump’s 2024 campaign. She highlighted the significant fundraising success Trump achieved, noting that he garnered nearly $53 million in donations within 24 hours of the conviction.

Rose defended Trump’s stance on women’s rights, stating, “Is Donald Trump not for women’s rights issues? He’s trying to ‘Make America Great Again,’ that’s for women too, right?” She affirmed that her support for Trump remains unchanged, adding, “I’m still voting for Donald Trump. I think it helps him more. I think people see the injustice in what happened and they want to vote for him more than ever.”

When questioned about the growing number of celebrities endorsing Trump, Rose suggested that people, including herself, have become more discerning and less influenced by left-leaning ideologies. “I think we just did our research and we’re not brainwashed anymore by the Left. I can say that about myself, all these years I’ve been brainwashed and I’m not anymore,” she explained.


Regarding her involvement in the now-defunct Slut Walk, Rose mentioned that she hasn’t organized the event since 2018. She expressed that she has found other ways to support women’s causes, emphasizing her continued dedication to aiding victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and rape. “Although I was very passionate about the Slut Walk and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to helping women get counseling, I think I can do something better for women now,” Rose stated.

As Amber Rose continues to stand by her endorsement, the reactions from both her supporters and critics reflect the polarized nature of political discourse today. Her unwavering support for Trump, despite his legal troubles, underscores her belief in his policies and campaign, setting the stage for further debate as the 2024 election approaches.


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