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Is the Facebook $725M Lawsuit Settlement Claim Form Legit? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Can you really get your share in Facebook’s $725 million lawsuit settlement? Well, the $725 million lawsuit settlement of Facebook has been grabbing everyone’s attention on the internet these days. While now some claims have come up saying Facebook users can get their share in the settlement too. But is it really so?

Read ahead to know more about if you can really have your share in Facebook’s $725 million lawsuit settlement.

The $725 million Facebook lawsuit settlement

With billions of users on Facebook, there was once a time when the social media website faced some legal trouble too. Back in the year 2018, there was a lawsuit filed against the website for a privacy violation. Where the questions were about the connection between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.

Not to forget, Cambridge Analytica had the personal information of about 87 million Facebook users having connections of all these with Facebook. However, Facebook didn’t agree with the wrong acts in the process. Yet, it did agree to pay some hefty amounts to settle the lawsuit.

Can one claim a share in Facebook’s $725 million lawsuit settlement?

There have been claims on the internet that a Facebook user can claim a share in Facebook’s $725 million lawsuit settlement. However, this has left many doubts among all thinking if one can really get a share in the settlement or not. In fact, the claims even say that you can fill out a form to get that share.

Well, the information about getting a share in the settlement is a true and legit one hopefully. As US Facebook users who had their account maintained from May 24, 2007, to December 22, 2022, can fill out the Facebook Settlement Claim Form and have their share of the settlement amount.

More about the Facebook Settlement Claim Form

In the Facebook Settlement Claim Form, you need to enter your correct address, mobile number, and registered email, in the form. Even though your Facebook is now deleted but belonged to the mentioned time period you can still claim the share. All you need to enter is your account’s starting and ending date.

You may have to mention your username for the claim as well. Yet, if you don’t remember your username then go to Facebook and go in settings and privacy and then General Accounts settings. There you can get to see your username. Not to miss, the form must be submitted before 25th August, 11:59 pm PT.


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