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Is Saweetie in A Relationship? Twitter Trolls about Lil Baby And Saweetie’s Ex-Lover Quavo

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The “Icy Grl” singer Saweetie has taken all over Twitter after her picture with a mystery man has gone viral. She recently shared a series of photos on Instagram and one of the photos grabbed way more attention than others. Saweetie appeared to be sitting on someone’s lap in that picture. 

Who is The Mystery Man?

People are speculating that Saweetie’s new mystery man is none other than rapper Lil Baby. There have been rumors of them dating, earlier. However, Lil Baby shuts down all these rumors claiming that he is single. 

Fans started believing that there was nothing between the two of them until Saweetie shared a photo dump on Instagram. 

One fan wrote on Twitter- “If we’re being technical, Lil Baby never denied being involved with Saweetie. He just said he was single.”

Quavo and Lil Baby Get Trolled-

While Saweetie took Twitter by storm leaving many fans wondering about her relationship status, her ex-boyfriend, Quavo shared a cryptic message. 


The “Pretty B*tch Music” singer took to her Instagram story to post the message, “Ain’t Trippin. We can sw ap it” with the hashtag QCTHELABEL. People were quick to respond to the story and started trolling both Quavo and Lil Baby. 


Apparently, the fact that Saweetie is dating Lil Baby after splitting up with Quavo is not sitting right with people. Many Twitter users started pointing out that Lil Baby “Got a lot up his sleeve” and that he is “weird”. 

One person wrote-“This Quavo Lil baby and Sawetie stuff could get messy I know Quavo probably don’t care b/c he been talking to other girls since they broke up but still.”

Saweetie’s ex and Lil Baby are signed to the same label-Quality Control Music- something. 

While another claimed that it was the “hardest move” as Saweetie downgraded when she chose Lil Baby.

Saweetie and Quavo Relationship-

For a long time, Saweetie and Quavo were relationship goals. They started dating each other by the end of 2018 and were the hot topic of discussion for a while. 

When the relationship was made public the couple indulged in PDA and often posted adorable photos with each other. However, things didn’t remain as sweet after the breakup. After a while, the couple broke up and things went ugly from there. Fans of Saweetie started trolling Quavo and vice versa. 

After some time, a video surfaced online in which Saweetie and her ex, Quavo could be seen indulging in a physical altercation. The video went viral but neither Saweetie nor Quavo cleared the air.


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