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Are Lil Baby and Saweetie Dating? How The Rumor Started?

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Lil Baby and Saweetie Dating

Many Hip Hop couples have made fans adore them, and now another rumor starts on Twitter and makes it trending overnight. Fans got confused when Hollywood Unlocked shared a story on November 24 about Lil Baby. The story; mentioned that Lil Baby and Saweetie are now a couple. Saweetie is busy with her stage performances such as Saturday Night Live and Powerhouse as of now. Recently when the rapper was asked about her upcoming album Pretty Bitch Music she replied that; she want a baby in her life. But, she also mentioned that she does not have a man. At the same time rumors, about Lil Baby dating Saweetie make it tough for fans to recognize the truth.

Who is Lil Baby?

Lil Baby, an American rapper, 26-year-old, is a successful artist who has been nominated for Grammy three-time, American Awards twice, MTV Video Music Awards, and BET awards seven times. Last year, at the Apple Music award the rapper got Artist of the year for all genres.


Is Lil Baby Dating Saweetie?

Saweetie, an American rapper, 28-year-old, got nominated for two categories for Grammy, which included best new artist. As she celebrates her achievements in New York, she was seen shopping with Lil Baby. The rapper was spotted at the Chanel store with Lil Baby. According to the news, the Baby released 100 thousand dollars on the rapper. Another news about Saweetie that linked her with James Harden. The rumors were of James Harden, the good friend of Lil Baby, dating Saweetie but she declined to this.


Fans also believed that Baby and Jayda Cheaves, the mother of his child Loyal, got together again, but it was false news. Saweetie too had a past with Quavo, as the two dated for some time. But the split between the two was huge and documented. This included the scandal over their aggressive elevator tiff. The rapper and her Migos ex Quavo did not have a good experience clearly. What do you think? Will Lil Baby and Saweetie be the next Hip Hop couple?

Lil Baby’s Ex Jayda Cheaves Reaction

Jayda Cheaves was the first one to react to the dating rumors of her former boyfriend, Lil Baby dating Saweetie. According to Hollywood Unlocked, there is a romantic relationship brewing between Lil Baby and Saweetie. Jayda hinted at the headline that was posted on its Instagram page, by saying that she is concerned and understanding to the alleged couple. The couple was spotted together in New York while shopping in the Chanel store. To support this, real footage from the store was captured for security purposes of the store according to a source.


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