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Is Minecraft Star Dream Really Dating GeorgeNotFound? Dream Responds to Fan Rumors

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Dream, the Minecraft star has finally come forward to respond to one of the rumours about him saying he is in a relationship with GeorgeNotFound. Though Dream and GeorgeNotFound have been BFFs. Some of the netizens have been claiming that the relationship between the duo is more than that. But are they really dating each other?

Read ahead to know more about YouTuber Dream’s response to the rumours about dating GeorgeNotFound.

A little about YouTuber Dream

With so many popular YouTubers on the internet, we get some of them often grabbing everyone’s attention for one or the other reasons. As we had YouTuber Dream be in the limelight too lately. If you have been knowing about him already, you surely must have come across his fan following.

Dream has about 31 million subscribers of him on YouTube. While on Twitch as well he has garnered about 6.3 million followers of him. However, he previously kept his face hidden with a mask for a really long time. Yet, later he revealed it to all.


Rumours about YouTuber Dream dating GeorgeNotFound surfaces on the internet

Although it is common for YouTubers to be surrounded by some rumours relating to them. Recently, a rumour about YouTuber Dream too surfaced on the internet saying he is dating a fellow Youtuber. And the fellow YouTuber is no one but GeorgeNotFound.

Both Dream and GeorgeNotFound have been good friends of each other. While they have been often seen together on social media. There was recently a fan rumour saying the duo of friends are actually dating each other. However, Dream has broken his silence on the same making it clear to all if the rumours are worth attention.

YouTuber Dream responds to rumours about dating GeorgeNotFound

Despite the fan rumour saying that Dream is dating GeorgeNotFound. The former has come forward to give clarification on the rumour. As he tweeted “George and I are not gay or in a gay relationship with each other I just thought I would clear up the common misconception”.


The tweet of Dream came on 9th March 2023. Post which everyone has finally come to know if there’s literally something romantic between Youtuber Dream and GeorgeNotFound or not. Not to forget, sometime back when Dream revealed his face to all, he was even called “ugly” by some trollers.


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