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Is Jackie ‘O’ Henderson Okay? Radio Host Rushed to Emergency Room Midway Through Live Show with ‘Heart Attack Symptoms’

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Jackie ‘O’ Henderson

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Jackie ‘O’ Henderson was rushed to the hospital after feeling ill midway through the KIIS FM radio show she co-hosts with Kyle Sandilands, according to the Dailymail. Henderson departed to seek medical assistance, according to Sandilands, after reporting tingling down her arm, which might be an indication of a heart attack. Henderson underwent surgery on Monday to remove a uterine polyp, a growth linked to her uterus. The radio personality has one child, Kitty, with ex-husband Lee Henderson. When the symptoms began, Henderson and Sandilands were getting ready to interview Angela Bishop. “She just went out for a rest.” “She’s wearing a corset dress and had surgery yesterday,” Sandilands added.

He goes on to claim that she had a horrible night’s sleep. “She also wasn’t sleeping much as a result of Intern Pete’s melatonin tablets which kept her up and then she had been on the Red Bulls this morning.” Henderson had “all of these pains down her arm & chest pains before being sent home,” Sandilands subsequently recounted. He later informed viewers that she had been taken to the hospital. Before Henderson left, the two asked Sam Hay, commonly known as Dr KIIS, if her symptoms were similar to a heart attack. He instructed her to check her pulse & seek medical assistance if she continued to feel ill, according to the DailyMail.


Jackie ‘O’ Henderson Was Taken To The Hospital Halfway Through A Live Radio Show Due To ‘Heart Attack Symptoms’

Jackie ‘O’ Henderson was taken to the hospital on Tuesday after falling ill during her KIIS FM radio show. Jackie, 48, left the studios to seek medical assistance, according to her co-host Kyle Sandilands, after feeling tingling down her arm, which is sometimes a symptom of a heart attack. The day before, the mother-of-one had undergone surgery to remove a uterine polyp (a growth linked to her uterus). Kyle and Jackie were about to interview Angela Bishop shortly before she began to exhibit symptoms. ‘She just went out for a little rest. ‘She’s wearing a corset dress and had surgery yesterday,’ Kyle revealed. Kyle described Jackie as having “all these pains down her arm as well as chest pains before she was sent home.” ‘She also didn’t get much sleep since Intern Pete’s melatonin tablets kept her up, and she’s been overindulging on the Red Bulls this morning.’ Kyle said that Jackie had to leave the show and go to the hospital. Before she left, they talked to Dr. KIIS, also known as Sam Hay, to check if she was having symptoms of a heart attack. He told her to check her pulse and said if she still felt sick, she should get medical help.

‘The day after the procedure, Jackie began to experience shooting pains down her left arm,’ Kyle explained. ‘And chest pain,’ Jackie added. However, I am not out of breath. I was sick before. The pain in my arm is muted.’ Earlier in the episode, Jackie ‘O’ Henderson mentioned that she had gone to her gynaecologist for surgery on Monday. Jackie describing her surgery on-air did not impress John Laws, who was scheduled to appear on the radio show, and he hung up only moments before his interview. ‘I had an operation yesterday and was underneath general anaesthesia, so I had trouble sleeping through the night,’ Jackie revealed. ‘A uterine polyp was removed from me. The doctor suggested it would help me have more regular periods.’ ‘I wondered, ‘What do I look like on the operation table, nude & sporting a shower cap?’ Jackie continued. Don’t tell me that gynaecologists aren’t thinking, “She’s hot, and I get a peek at her vagina in five minutes.” A producer stopped her and explained that John had hung up since he was outraged by Jackie’s story. ‘John Laws seemed ready to go since he was scheduled to be on the show next, but he was insulted by Jackie’s vagina chat and refuses to appear,’ the producer explained to the pair.


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