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Comedian Matt Rife Sparks Controversy with Netflix Special and Raises Eyebrows with ‘Apology’ Joke

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Matt Rife

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Comedian Matt Rife is facing backlash after a recent joke in his Netflix special, where he made light of an apology video, sparked controversy. Matt Rife, who gained fame through his TikTok content, seems to have taken a misstep with his recent Netflix special, where his controversial apology video offended many.

Read ahead to know more about Matt Rife getting slammed for his Netflix special about his apology video joke.

Netflix special of Matt Rife goes viral

Comedian Matt Rife initially gained popularity with his TikTok content, and fans loved his videos. Gradually, his videos also went viral on the internet. However, his recent Netflix special, “Natural Selection,” has caused a buzz on the internet, as one of the video links shared by Matt has shocked everyone.

In the Netflix special, Matt Rife asked anyone who had ever been offended by his jokes to watch his apology video, the link to which he provided. However, fans were left even more shocked and offended after watching his apology video.

Apology video of Matt Rife

In the Netflix special “Natural Selection,” Matt Rife recently shared a link to his apology video for those who have ever felt offended by any of his jokes. However, the shared link actually redirected users to a page that sells “special needs helmets.”


This has seemingly left fans even more disappointed with Matt Rife’s actions, ultimately leading to him getting slammed on the internet for it. Not only was Matt’s apology video joke criticized, but his Netflix special also received criticism from many.

@samanthafekete This was a CHOICE of a response…. #mattrife
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Users’ reaction to Matt Rife’s apology video joke

Social media was flooded with reactions from users who came across Matt Rife’s apology video joke. Twitter and other social media platforms had users slamming the comedian for his disappointing act.

One of the users commented, “What is the hype with this matt riff raff or whoever. like dude is so unfunny if that is even a thing. Not to mention he isn’t even cute at all. How? Like his standup on Netflix is insufferable”. Another one wrote, “Matt Riff special was mid”.

It remains to be seen whether Matt Rife will actually issue an apology for his joke video or not.


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