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IAEA says, North Korea Appears to have Restarted Nuclear Plant, Yongbyon

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North Korea Nuclear

According to the reports of the UN Atomic Agency, North Korea has restarted its Yongbyon Nuclear reactor. The reports are confirming that the nuclear weapon’s element, Plutonium is being produced at a reactor’s complex. The discontinuation of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) happened in 2009 but it kept carrying out Satellite missions. The cooling water reactor is operational since July.

The North Korean nuclear program’s heart is said to be a nuclear complex including a 5-megawatt reactor, Yongbyon. This was the first indication of mission activity since December 2018. All this happened, few months after US President Donald Trump met North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un. Many experts have tried to monitor the number of weapons the regime Yongbyon is producing.


IAEA also confirmed the presence of a radiochemical laboratory near Yongbyon. The Yongbyon has been fully operational since January 2021 and has also completed its first batch. The developments in North Korea are against the laws and a clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions. The South Korean Ministry will closely monitor the activities happening in North Korea, Yonhap news agency published the news. The government of South Korea is also against Nuclear assignments. The suspension of IAEA inspectors in 2017 worked as a green permit for North Korea to create Nuclear Bombs and Ammunition.

N orth Korea Nuclear

The 5- megawatt reactor is the main source of ammunition in North Korea. Plutonium is aging in Pyongyang and the nuclear complex is in direct negotiations with Donald Trump. The President of America, Donald Trump rejected the deal to dismantle or return the sanction reliefs. The breakdown between the two presidents might have occurred due to this only. The two last met in 2019 for a meeting in Hanoi.

In January 2020, Kim Jong-Un ordered his scientist to create “super-large hydrogen bombs” and a nuclear arsenal. Till now, Nuclear Bombs were not on the “to-do” list of North Korea. Meanwhile, the whole army was busy stabilizing the economic state of the country. The reports are still not clear, and the satellite images are not very clear.

Nuclear Operations are very dangerous for the whole world other. Perhaps Pyongyang and Kim Jong-Un are onto something very drastic. The U.S.A has alerted all the countries.

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