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How Much is Paramore Making From Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Good 4 U”s Songwriting Credits

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Co-writers of Olivia Rodrigo’s “Good 4 U,” one present and one past member of Paramore get songwriting credits with her. For weeks, several fans have constantly made comparisons between it and a Paramore song. According to a new rumor, the metal band’s and pop star’s teams interacted prior to Rodrigo’s song release.
Williams and Farro are not on the list of co-writers. The list is by Billboard after the debut of “Good 4 U’ in May. Moreover, the song launched at No.1 on the Billboard Top in May. It is the same month that her album “Sour” debuted at No. 1, and it is now at No. 3. Enthusiasts have certainly pointed out resemblances between music and Paramore’s 2007 hit. The hit was “Misery Business,” resulting in a slew of mixes on the internet.


However, an origin familiar with the situation recently informed that the credit is certainly an interpolation. This is primarily a component of a previous song re-record and incorporated into a new single. Also that the parties in involvement were in direct contact even before the video was official.


Analysis of earnings of Paramore from Good 4 U

Performance, structural, and synchronization earnings are all impacted by the scenario. Although there’s no definitive method to determine how much income the single has made. Its popularity in the United States solely has indeed put its entire projected distribution and composition. Earnings in the seven-figure range within only 4 months.

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It’s difficult to give an accurate amount since there are so many factors, but public performance is a seven-digit. Ranging from $1.2 million to presumably to $2 million. Depending on the sum of spins, how long it has been on the radio. Also how many configurations it received play from,” says a high-ranking official at one major indie publishing company.

As per Alpha Data, Rodrigo’s success already has accumulated 527.4 million views, 134,900.  A royalty consultant at one business administration organization believes the song is there already. Christopher Hull, associate and co-practice head at Citrin Cooperman, calculates the publication and songwriter payments for “Good 4 U”.

Production in the United States to be more than $1.4 million based on educated predictions about how much more the transactions would cost. That figure excludes money earned outside of the United States; the song was No. 5 on Spotify’s worldwide ranking the week before. With 31.6 million plays; it was also No. 5 on Prime Music and No. 6 on Itunes, but neither one of those reveal performance numbers.

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