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NBA 2K22 Release Date, Pre-Order Bonuses, New Features, Cross-gen Bundle

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NBA 2K22

On September 10th, World’s Top Basketball Simulation Game, NBA 2K22 going to be launched on consoles like PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.
Every year there would be new releases of NBA versions. Eventually, this time NBA 2K22 is launching on September 10th.

Updated Versions:

Fans and players out there will need to know that they have to upgrade their game from PS4 to PS5. or if they have Xbox One they will have to upgrade to X|S. The digital Cross-gen version should be bought. This will cost $80 for each console.

Simultaneous releases for all versions:

Previously during 2K, the buyer gets a chance to play the game before to worldwide release. But in the 2K22 version, all the gamers who include the pre-orders too can play on September 10 only. Whereas pre-order players will have in-game accessories. Hence, everyone who wants to aspire for playing NBA should wait till September 10.

NBA 2K22

What are those New features?

In Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X version makes the players go over and observe the new city environment in “My Career” and in “Neighborhood mode”.
The complete versions of NBA 2K22 include all the rewards like multi-modes, betting players to complete a given task and, discovering in-game accessories.
This out-and-out game has six weeks for each season, a total of 9 seasons that introduces all rewards before the 2K23 version.

WNBA mode is on. Yes, this time cover stars like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Candace Parker, Luka Doncic, Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Durant will be there. WNBA features like improvement during the season. The My Career modes, easier multiplayer mode.

Release date: Friday, Sept. 10

Fans will have to wait until, September 10th. All set to Release. On Sept. 10, NBA 2K22 will be released on all platforms I.E. PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

, The Xbox Series X, The Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and also including PC.

Preorder Bonuses:

Four different editions will be launched on Sep 10th. Furthermore, each edition has different kinds of bonuses. It is up to the buyers to choose their bonuses.

The Cross-gen Bundle:

This year, NBA 2K22 is applicable for consoles like PS4 and PS5. In the Xbox series, it is applicable for Xbox One and Series X/S.These costs $80(every console). The buyer can get Pre-Order Content as well as Bonus Content. The customer gets 10K MyTEAM Points and 10 MyTEAM Tokens. Also, 22 MyTEAM Promo Packs. The “MyCAREER Skill Boosts”. The Diamond Jordan Shoe MyTEAM card. The Coach Card MyTEAM Pack. Lastly, 4 MyPLAYER T-Shirts.

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