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How Did Joyce Culla Die? TikTok Star Cause of Death What Happened To Her?

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Joyce Culla



What the internet is left abuzz with is shocking news about the death of TikTok star Joyce Culla. TikToker Culla was famous on TikTok and had a good reach among her followers. However, whatโ€™s bothering her fans is the reason for Culla’s death as she was too young to have died. But how did the young TikToker die?

Read ahead to know more about TikToker Joyce Culla’s death.

Who was Joyce Culla?

As per the details available on the internet, Joyce Culla is known to be from the Philippines who was a registered nurse that stepped into the entertainment line with her TikTok and social media approach. She was widely known for the videos that she posted on social media including TikTok.

Joyce is known to be 24 years old and she had a good number of followers on her social media. With more than 27k followers on Instagram, she was known to have 1.6 million followers on her TikTok account. Her dance videos were much loved by her fans.

Tiktok star Joyce Culla passed away

According to reports available on the internet, the young TikTok star Joyce is known to have died on the 2nd of April this month. While the news of her death broke out on the internet. Her fans have been left shocked. The young TikToker was literally too young to have left the world so early.

While the young TikToker was believed to be a rising star. Her demise has left everyone feel the void. Meanwhile, her fans have been pouring their tribute to the late star and have extended their heartfelt condolences to the family of the TikToker.

How did tiktoker Joyce Culla die?

As stated in Showbizcast, the young TikToker Joyce Culla is known to have been admitted to the hospital for quite some time as she suffered from brain aneurysm. In this brain disease, the vessels of the brain start bulging causing brain hemorrhage.

Tiktok star Joyce was taken by her family to the hospital where owing to her condition she had to go for surgery. However, she later went into coma and finally, she left for the heavenly abode. Certainly, the unexpected death of the young star has left everyone shaken.

Meanwhile, the internet has been flooded with tributes and condolences for the family of the young TikTok star.


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