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Hawk Tuah Girl, Haliey Welch, Earns $30K Appearance Fee, Moved to Tears at Bikini Contest

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Haliey Welch

Image via IG@hay_welch


Haliey Welch, famously known as the “Hawk Tuah” girl, recently experienced an emotional moment during a bikini contest in New York City where she was paid a staggering $30,000 for her appearance. Welch, who became an overnight sensation after a viral street interview with Tim and Dee TV, was celebrated for her significant achievement in the spotlight.

Haliey Welch, who hails from Nashville, first caught the public’s eye with her cheeky and confident response to a risqué question in an interview. This moment rapidly transformed her into an internet celebrity, generating a plethora of GIFs, memes, and even some outlandish offers.

The now-21-year-old’s initial paid club appearance took place on Sunday, July 7, at Daer Dayclub in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. During the event, Welch was visibly moved to tears as bottle service girls presented a sign that read, “Congrats on one million Haliey,” celebrating her surpassing one million followers on Instagram. The emotional scene, with champagne and sparklers, captured Welch soaking in the adulation from her fans.

Not only was Welch basking in the limelight, but she also served as a judge for the Miss Daer bikini contest. In a heartfelt video shared on her Instagram account, ‘hay_welch,’ she expressed gratitude to her fans, saying, “I love all of y’all! Thank you for one million followers.”

Welch’s fanbase showered her with love and support in response to her video, congratulating her on her success. The $30,000 she earned from her club appearance is just part of her financial success; she also made over $65,000 from a merchandise collaboration with Fatheads.

Despite her rapid rise to fame, Haliey Welch has maintained a down-to-earth and relatable persona, which has endeared her to many. Her newfound fame has led to discussions with Hollywood producers about potential reality TV shows, further expanding her career prospects. Welch has also taken steps to manage her growing public profile, hiring a manager and an attorney to handle her PR and legal matters.

Welch’s journey began with her viral answer to the question: “What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time, that you do?” Her memorable response, delivered in a strong Southern accent, was, “Oh, you’ve got to give him that hawk tuah and spit on that thang, you get me?”

Since her viral moment, Welch has been building her public image, leveraging her brief spell in the limelight to its fullest. Her recent emotional moment at Daer Dayclub highlights the impact of her rapid rise to fame and the support she has received from her fans and friends, including Chelsea Bradford, who also appeared in the original viral clip.

TMZ reports that Welch’s popularity has caught the attention of Hollywood insiders, who are interested in creating a reality TV show based on her life. Her relatable and humorous personality, showcased in a recent Barstool podcast featuring Brianna LaPaglia, has been a significant factor in attracting Tinseltown’s interest.

As Haliey Welch continues to navigate her burgeoning career, her story serves as a testament to the unpredictable and often emotional journey of internet fame.


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