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Bobbi Althoff Thanks NFL Star for Help After “Scary” Night Out

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Bobbi Althoff

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Comedian and content creator Bobbi Althoff recently recounted a frightening experience during a night out with friends in Nashville on July 8, 2024. The incident, which quickly gained attention on social media, involved Althoff being escorted out of the Barstool Sports Bar in a visibly inebriated state.

Bobbi Althoff, well-known for her comedic podcasts and vibrant online presence, became the center of a viral video showing her being carried by NFL player Sean Murphy-Bunting. The footage, captured by TMZ, depicted a motionless Althoff as Murphy-Bunting, her close friend, carefully transported her to an SUV.

The 26-year-old comedian took to Instagram to address the event, expressing her gratitude towards Murphy-Bunting. She posted a picture of the two together on her Instagram Story, writing, “Last night was scary but thankful for having good friends in my life like @seanmurphybunting for looking out for me.”

Eyewitnesses confirmed that the Arizona Cardinals cornerback was indeed the one helping Althoff. Murphy-Bunting, who began playing for the Tennessee Titans last year after gaining recognition with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has a well-documented friendship with Althoff.


The video sparked a wave of reactions from Bobbi’s fans. Many expressed concern for her wellbeing and speculated about the aftermath of such a wild night. Comments ranged from, “That doesn’t look good on anyone,” to more supportive messages like, “Lots of water, hope everything is good.”

Some fans linked the incident to Althoff’s personal life, noting her divorce from Cory Althoff in July 2023. “She lost her husband… now she’s getting carried out of bars,” one observer noted, while another commented on the challenges of adjusting to life post-divorce, suggesting she “needs to slow down and be careful out there.”

Despite the alarming nature of the video, it’s possible that Althoff was celebrating her ongoing comedy tour with fellow comedian Funny Marco. The tour, which started this summer, is set to conclude at the end of August after covering numerous major U.S. cities.


Murphy-Bunting, who has recently signed a three-year contract with the Arizona Cardinals, has a distinguished career in the NFL, having previously played for Central Michigan University and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The viral clip shows Murphy-Bunting seated on some stairs with Althoff in his arms before he gently places her into the back of a black vehicle. The incident underscores the importance of having supportive friends during challenging moments, as highlighted by Althoff’s heartfelt message of thanks to Murphy-Bunting.

As the video continues to circulate online, it serves as a reminder of both the pressures faced by public figures and the critical role of close friends in navigating those pressures.


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