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Harry Jowsey Criticizes TikTokers For Getting Into Acting

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Harry Jowsey

Popular social media fame Harry Jowsey has shared his views on TikTok actors like Addison Rae & Charli D’Amelio growing more than TikTok stars. Well yes, though TikTok has given us a lot of stars who have taken a step ahead in their career to become a bigger actors. However, many have criticized them and their work. Which Harry Jowsey has given his reaction.

Read ahead to know more about Harry Jowsey reacted to criticism of TikTok actors.

Tiktok stars and their popularity

Tiktok has given several stars to the world. Including Addison Rae, Charlie D’Amelio, and others. In fact, their popularity made them get some amazing acting projects to work on too. As Addison Rae got He’s All That drama on Netflix, to begin with.

While other stars too got some acting breaks via shows and series. However, there has been a few netizens who have criticized the work of TikTok stars in series or other bigger projects. But in response to that criticism, another social media personality Harry Jowsey has given his epic response.

Harry Jowsey slams criticism on TikTok stars

While Harry Jowsey himself has been growing popular on social media and then getting the Too Hot To Handle show, to begin with. He has been also seen in The Floor Is Lava. Further, he is making himself ready for some other shows or series to do. Among these, his favorite one is Outer Banks.

Keeping his plans aside, he recently spoke on the criticism of Tiktok stars making a step ahead in their career. He praised Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, and other such stars who have been making huge growth in their career. Saying that it is good to see them trying to get better in their career and taking up new roles. While he said that there’s no need to focus on others and do what one desires to do.

Harry Jowsey’s professional plans

While recently Harry Jowsey was speaking up about his favorite scripted and unscripted shows he would love to be a part of. His unscripted show that he desired to be part of was Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

He thought that it would have been fun to do that show. Not to miss, his scripted favorites were Riverdale and Outer Banks. As he believed that he loved the plots of such series. Further, he even met the cast of Outer Banks.


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